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  • It's been soooo long, lmao. Nice to see you back on.

    You could probably guess who I am.
    not much is up. I just do shoddy battle for the heck of it sometimes. It's fun to win standard games with my UU/NU team..
    Hiya man, I was about to leave when you joined in but I felt like doing a few matches with you so I stayed for a bit. I wanted to try out my ICs against an IC main to test myself...
    Yeah, I still gotcha on my FC.:kirby:
    I would Brawl right now but I just got a responce from someone in the Smashboards Arena. Gosh we have bad timing!:laugh:
    Great game Feels, keep up the good work. Have you decided on which secondary will be yet?.
    I know, i told you it sucked because i was adjusting from lagg. I was playin wifi all day and thats what i was getting used 2.
    Ill send you otherz later...
    ok, done, i sent it 2 you. i sorta suck in it, just got offline and im adjusting from the laggg xD

    Type some other time for better desynch though...

    its not an actual match, just a chainin vid. one f my worst actually..
    Feelz, ill show you some Rplayz i made with me using my custom CGs,Add my FC and Wii number so i can add yours...
    GG's Feels, keep it up. I would like to fight you a little while longer but i had to go. Oh and just so you, know, Wario will be luking around the corner, ready eat your soul.:mad088: Perhaps next time you'll think twice before deciding to destroy a fat-mans bike. :mad088:
    DUDE, DONT TELL THEGREATKAZOO HES BRAGGING! He can/more than likely will destroy you, or should i say, bring u closer 2 god? xD
    OH ****************************************i like cake***********!!!! a chuck n0rris!

    BRUCE LEE, I CHOOSE YOU! *jet li comes out* hey!?!? how'd a wrong pokemon come out? This isn't ben10!!! Jet Li: NO FOOL!

    I challange you with my jet li!
    Oh, well, what did you have in mind? i cant brawl u, but if we exchange FC an Wii numbers i can send u some rplays of my playage...
    Me, mars, and my bro professor mgw do that, it works...
    1: rolling
    2: predictable
    3: opponents with good projectiles or moderate - good range.
    4: me xDD (4 was a joke)
    Cant brawl u, i gotz ranged connection, but when i get it fixed itll be accepted kindly, thanx 4 asking! :)
    GGS and thanks.

    Um well i stopped playing IC's about a few months ago so i can't rlly say much on them. DON'T roll that much, almost every single time you rolled i f-air or D-smashed you in the face. Also, CG a LITTLE more, not much. I THINK you know IC's well enough to where you can just fight with them. So just use your chain-grabs a little bit more. If you try to much you'll be so reliant on grabbing me that I'll win even faster. Other than that your IC`s are pretty good. 1 more thing. When your falling to the board and your near the edge, try not to always rely on using Down-B to protect yourselves. I noticed my samus was getting rid of you pretty quickly cause i kept punishing u on that. Maybe you should try practicing against chars with projectiles, that seems to be one of like 4 of your weaknesses. My olimar is just that great (not bragging) so i don't think u have 2 wrry 2 much bout that. Other than that good IC and if u wanna play again tommorow or sum other day i'm up 4 it :)

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