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  • Yep that should be fine just give me a shout when you're done :) I've got you added and I think I gave you my FC a while ago so whenever you're ready
    Hey there, sorry I haven't been online that much recently xD Just wondering if you fancied some Wi Fi games now since I did say I play some. My lag has been acting funny as of late but...well hopefully its sorted itself out by now xD
    Oh Im sorry Tiger, I actually dont have a video camera, HSS recorded these for me (I just have a youtube account), perhaps you could ask him he hasnt said no to me yet. He's in Russia atm though, Ill let you know when he gets back.
    Hey I got your PM, sure I'd be up for some games sometime :) Just give me a visitor message next time it'll be much easier xD

    Hopefully our lag won't be too bad since we're both in the UK but my internet has been acting funny recently...still, lets see what we can do, just give me a shout whenever you're online
    Hey there. I saw your blog about wanting to believe and that you don't think there's any conclusive evidence for God. On the other hand, I hold the exact opposite opinion. I believe that were all the facts brought to the table in a court of law, that we could prove "beyond a shadow of a doubt" that Jesus died, supposedly for our sins, and rose from the dead--and that at the very least. I believe the New Testament is the most reliable historical document we own--and that's not a belief, really, that's a simple fact. I've dedicated myself to knowing exactly what and why I believe because it's changed my life so much. If I can do anything to help, let me know. If you have any questions, I'll either have an answer or get one for you.

    Or if you just want to chat send me a message on AIM. My SN is knuckles6760.
    Hey man, I've noticed that you had quite a lot of problems.
    If you ever wanna chat with somebody, add me on AIM or MSN.
    Thanks, I had a ton of lag. Like legit 2 second lag lol, did you have any? Your Zelda is better too btw, just lessen up on the NL.
    Hello mountain tiger, your avatar is in violation of SWF rules so I recommend you change it asap. Thank you.
    You're banned? O_O Mehh, why?

    I don't want my prank to waste, everyone should see your pink name :( (You did know that I had pranked you huh?)

    EDIT: Lol, what did you do @ Zelda boards? XD
    (In regards to your Private Message.)

    ...The Zair has a lifting effect if they're grounded?

    Thank you very much for this, I'm going to attempt to practice it. If it turns out we can put this to use, we should definantly make a video and thread about it on the Peach boards.
    Why are you and Dark.pch banned?
    I know it's not like you can respond from this profile, but still...
    There are other people who have WAY worse names than you.


    Now Jona is PC Jona, which is a huge improvement. Jona's a cool guy for sure, but I don't know what he was thinking with the first username he had o_O;; So cheer up, there are way worse names than yours.

    Oh, and how could I forget BananaTrooper, XD He says he didn't realize how gay it sounded until after he made it, but still, that's pretty bad.
    Meta Knight sucks balls. I don't care if he's the best, his aerial mobility is ****.

    Ganondorf is a true pro. As for Zelda, less Din's moar whatever the hell she does!

    That was the best one! Actually, Falco slick moves are always the best. Sheik too, because her moves are mad gorgeous.
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