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  • Lol no, you don't suck, that goes too far, but these flaws basically destroy you and make you a lot worse and you do have things to work on. Worry less about rolling, I also rolled a lot because it's Wi-fi, it should go over. But I think rolling is less of a problem than anything else.

    And no, your ZSS does not need more Uair. You pretty much missed all of your Uairs against me :p. Just don't spam and don't go TOO aggressive. But you should decide your playstyle yourself.
    Yes, it was a bit laggy, but I could live with it.

    Anyway, if you don't mind, I'd like to give you some piece of advice. Please don't feel offended xd.

    You're incredibly predictable. I'm still bad at observating people, looking for patterns and predicting, but even I could simply read you. At low percentage you would approach with floating Dair, at higher percentages it's a Fair. However, when you turn your back at me, it's a Bair. On the ground you use a Ftilt, till you go into the air again. With ZSS, you would almost always approack with a Dash attack > Utilt or a Bair (you jump back first). If we had some distance between us, you would use SideB or Paralyzer. When you would be in the air it was a) when I was close, an airdodge or b) if I wasn't close, sideB. I think you get it now. Be unpredictable.

    Then my 2nd point. Are you actually watching what I am doing? This is soooooo important with Peach! She has lots of options. Peach is a mental characters and she needs a little bit of strategy. Not to mention you fell for things you shouldn't fall for or just ran into my attacks. Observate me and watch me better.

    Though not a big flaw, you should approach better. Floating Dair doesn't always work, especially if you don't space it well. Use other aerial options or turnips. Or don't approach and outspace. Or don't really apporach but safely hit sometimes. Or force an approach with turnips. You have many options.

    There was something I also wanted to say, but I forgot :p. Doesn't matter though, the first two were the most important anyway. Again, no offense, I just feel these things are holding you back very badly.
    Hey are you up for some friendlies? I've been meaning to try out my Falco and Diddy online.
    GGs Tiger! Keep workin on it, your Samus got a little predictable but youll learn the more you use her :D

    Try not to fire as many unfinished shots. Instead try camping a little more and goin for the gimp.
    Hey sorry I had to leave like that, things just love to crop up these days for me. GG's, have you played other Euros at all? We should all get together and do some team matches it'd be fun :)
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