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  • Hey dude you should probably add me on Skype cause I'm hardly ever on AIM anymore
    You know, I haven't signed on this site in so long except to post a discovery today. I would have asked for your Skype long before now. The next time you're on AIM, you should send it to me (or message it to me on here).
    Yo Darky.
    I know it's pretty late and all, but it would be great if we could add each other for blazblue.
    you know, like having a spar from time to time.
    Sure. If you play on the 360, my gamertag is "Seirei Wolfe".
    Oh right, i forgot that too.
    You wouldn't have a PSN do you?
    Unfortunately, not yet. But I'm working on getting another PS3 (or 4 if it takes too long) specifically for The Last of Us. I'll be getting BlazBlue on there too.
    [continued 2]
    - Palutena
    - King K. Rool (more so to complete the villains than that he really interests me though)
    - Toad (as all those rumors in made him interesting, lol)

    I really can't wait for the trailer tomorrow! =D
    - Majora's Mask Link with mask transformations (including Fierce Deity Link as Final Smash)
    - Chrom/Lucinda/Tharja (though as I see it Chrom is the most likely)
    - Newtwo (Mewtwo's new form), as it would be an awesome newcomer and it would re-introduce Mewtwo at the same time. Plus it's quite likely that he's included as a Gen 6 rep. as I see it.
    - Isaac
    Great analysis!

    I'd like to see:
    - Lloyd Irving or Luke Fon Fabre (as Tales representative). Lloyd would be more iconic and has more potential for a unique moveset imo, but Luke would also be really awesome, as ToS and TotA are both amazing games imo and they're both great.
    - Girahim/Vaati/Skull Kid (though Girahim seems the most likely)

    And I doubt that, as I don't think they'll change anything about the games themselves. But who knows, it could happen.

    So, who are your most anticipated possible newcomers for Smash 4?
    Awesome that we like the same things.

    ToS's so amazing.
    Have you heard about the Tales of Symphonia Unisonant pack for the PS3? It's an HD version of Tales of Symphonia 1 and 2 bundled; it'll be released Q1 2014 in the west!
    Aww, thanks! Your relius is really good too, that unblockable cross-up was nice~
    lol, mine? mine was awful. i keep messing up my instant overheads online... :(
    Hello, I am the Co-Leader of the Smashboards group called "Low Interstellar Occult". You are recieving this message because you are a member of this group. We have realized that we have inactive members. I am sorry to say that you were one of a number of members pointed out. We are about to partake in some steps to improve ourselves and the group. If you want to participate in the process please stop by the group for a visit every now and then. If not you can leave the group no questions asked or you might unfortunately be dropped from our group. This group is for excelling players on wi-fi or offline and we hope you stay with us.
    I have it on 360.
    And I see, lol. Awesome.

    Also, I cant wait for next weeks blue exorcist ep. Sounds awesome.
    Yes, I know! Thanks for the reminder though

    But I heard it's a filler ep. so I'm not THAT interested this week. But I'll watch it regardless offc.

    And yes, I recently bought BlazBlue continuum shift. I like it quite alot.
    Dude. Ao no exorcist is awesome. Rin is awesome.

    I wanted to wear a ao no exorcist avy too, but didnt bother because I thought that no one would get it here, lol.
    lol. yeah.

    Though Katekyo hitman reborn! has alot of awesome characters, imo (Tsuna, Bel, Xanxus, Superbi Squalo, Gokudera, Mukuro the list goes on, lol)
    He surely is.

    Katekyo hitman reborn! as a whole is awesome (Except for the dreadful first arc >.<)

    Please no spoilers though, I'm only at chapter 123 =)
    Hello! Welcome to the Low Interstellar Occult. We're an elite team of online smash bros brawl players.

    I'm Mr. Twister, the welcoming committee of the LIO, and the worst smash bros player in it. If you have any questions, or just want to brawl me, send me a vm ^_^
    Same with me. I didn't know that you were into graphics, until Lordhelmet told me lol. If you need any help feel free to ask me anything. If you need resources or something just leave me a message or send me an email.
    I didn't know you were a graphic designer. Do you have a website. My portfolio site can be found at whoislorenzo.com If you need any help, or want to outsource work, you can always call a Falcon main for help :D

    Exactly. But the thing is, most of the old mods didn't understand that because they weren't from the Falcon boards. They would always be shutting us down, which caused us all to get pretty angry. After months, we FINALLY have a mod who knows whats up. Keep doin' your thing, you'll do great.
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