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    Alright well just get an Aim ill hit you up when you get an aim. tonight was kind of a failure. my chat consisted of a few marths couldnt really organize anything but im inviting every night around 10-12 so get an aim i wont give up!
    Sorry I forgot about last night's chat. Was sidetracked. Will try tonight
    get aim your invited to marth chat tonight from 10-12 pm ill message ya lata tonght
    I don't even play Marth. I play Peach. I'll stop by to whine about how Marth has a sword
    lol word

    my aim is drpeepeef

    I'll be on tomorrow just leave a message I'm always invisible lol
    Ic How ya been? Ive got soo much marth exp on dreamland. Thats the only level I play since ive been on forums. I still watch ken vids daily and learned soooo much. Do you have aim? I got sooo much new idea for marth but since i never make it to tourny ill share with you. Ive recently been figuring out sheilding and learning when its safe to just let go of sheild and attempt a desh grab very underrated this meta game, and. I also have spacing perfection on dreamland, but like i said......i dont really play with too many players. Im trying to make my breakout at evo 2012( if there playing smash) ive been on the melee project for a decade now lol.
    Pretty well when I actually use him haha. Been focusing more on Falco lately, but Marth always feels great when I do use him.
    I havent quit playing sice the last time we talked. Im in training everyday. I can do almost every tactic in my favorite vid of ken vs puff. Im learning to use the music in backround to effect my dashes. Its crazy LOL HAve you mastered your dash MAX and dash MINIMUM with marth? Im working on mine still lol
    This will be my first offical debut and the unveiling of the ken aggro style im sooooo excited. Im touching up on matches against hungrybox. Got any advice. LOL I Do Plan to stay marth ENTIRE tourny too.
    cool, ill get started right away, i usually use youtube videos and tell the reader where in the video to look. I give them the timeline in which to look. ex. At 56 seconds this guy blah blah blah. But im trying to take clips from gameplay and explain my opinion and views then ask a pro bout what the opponent thinks, usually a character specific, in this case falco , you. alright ill hit up with some examples soon.
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