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Heart Break Kid

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  • LOL Word son! These dudes musta forgot! I'm going to Eggm's but I'm teaming wit Scar already. I'm wanna ask G$ if we can go to your house the night before if thats straight
    sry i havent had internet since the tourney vids are going up sunday hopefully
    i can try and find u vs ky and upload it 2morrow if that works for u but if i cant i'll try and email or aim u it
    You know, I might suck at teams (life) but you still have no choice but to chill with me and get baked.
    Yeah I can imagine dude. Its amazing how rapidly this thing grew! I'm sure you'll be cool. If you are able to, try an get some vids. XD
    Oh man you dont even know I suck sooo bad. I almost lost to people who weren't good at all. And reject just ***** me I was like ughhhh. I need to get better :((( whatever free moneys but I wish I never stopped playing

    <3 see u soon
    Lol I madd hyped to team for CT after that performance. GMoney said we might travel out to you before then and get some practice. The list of people going to CT looks pretty big.
    Yo, when are you ever on AIM? I got you s/n from Alejandro and I never see you on. My s/n HazZx86. Get at me son!
    I think PC's teaming with Cort so we gotta take them out. But if no one asked you yet, YES we definitely need to team for it. And word on the street is the original **** Shiek, Tetra, might be making a comeback!! That **** would be madd beast.
    Yea yo this ****s madd wack. I gotta play Mike, who doesn't have a phone, at times when he's working the RSR booth, which ranges from 12:00 to 4:00am lol. Then there's Gordon who's plays a HBK-Wannabe Marth and a Falco that plays nothing like Eggm's. Yall need to come back....
    Yea...After watching these I cannot disagree. Pc's fox was ridiculously aggressive and on point. But Marth still beasts on Fox. Your Marth ***** me on stadium.....
    ***** EVERYBODY has to come to this l.i. tuonry. it's the only way to revive L.i. and ti bring melee back. tell everybody. post up on dem nj threads
    What the **** is this ****, myspace -_-.

    yeah I would like to go to that but uh yeah that drive is a little murder. Theres like mad tournaments for brawl out here that me and ryan have been winning and ****. Easy money. When you get back to school you can gimmie that melee practice and I can give you that brawl practice :D
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