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  • Hey man whats going on. You don't know me but I need a teammate for Apex. Some people from the registration thread suggested you (surely because our names are similar) but either way I have a pretty good Shiek, an awesome Samus, Luigi and Mario, and My main is.....Ness! If you don't have a partner for doubles, I could fill in for you. Contact and let me know whether you're interested or not.
    well phil is still 50/50 on going

    im down to stay a week, but only if thats cool with you and ur mom

    i just dont wanna invade peoples space and have those

    "when's that ***** leavin" moments

    also can we see the city to?, cuz none of us been to time square and that sounds legit i guess
    prolly me, phil, and darrell

    but darrell is retardly random so me and phil for sure

    should we get tickets to hpn since ur in westchester??
    lol, yea banning brinstar is always a smart option

    i was just curious because i feel marth isn't bad against peach on brinstar just because of the way the platforms are set up. if marth is in the middle on the bottom, peach basically has to approach from above, which sucks against marth lol

    just in case banning brinstar slips your mind again, marth might be a good option against peach on brinstar, especially if you won with marth
    i was watching you vs vanz from a week or two ago and i'm curious, why'd you go fox on brinstar and not marth?
    **** it I wanna play melee. Go convince G to take off wrk next week so we can go up to Mass Madness. Ima bout to get his *** fired, be like theres mad people going. I dnt know if he can get 2 sat's in a row off though
    I just got the most beast team name ever if we teamed.

    Just HazZarDous Sexual Material.....get at me
    Wrd def...they get place 2nd like once and their hot sh*t. Its cool though you and Scar better ****, but the next thing Im going to is like SPOC....so we gotta team for that. Ima train up for that so you wnt have to put in mad wrk. Only like 120%
    haha yeah bro if you can come down this week i would lose my mind and ****ing love it, if not i can maybe head up to NY like wed or thurs
    yo we all have to chill soon play some smash get some food drink some beers play some pong
    Yoooo!!!!I wanna play get GMoney to drive you to my house like today.! I think he has plans tomorrow. So come over with him like now.!!!! I dunno maybe you could get a 4th for like teams and then we can do sinlges also without there being an oddman. Ill text you at like 5 or 6 if you dnt get this by then
    Yo haz, we are going to have a big smashfest at my crib prolly this Friday in prep for the CT tourney this weekend. Interested? Im in New Ro, hit me up, and have a good new years bro.
    Were ****** CT. Also who is going in GMoneys car, Im just tyring to wrk on gettin us housing otherwise were going to have to split a hotel with people, which I dnt mind but whatever. PLease come to my house b4 so you guys can train my Marth again. Ill give GOrdon xtra gas money
    Why are you a f*cking robot. 2v1 against double Sheik was mad clutch. Lol I was thinking about how on point we were cuz that first match vs M2K and Cactus I sware M2K had like 20% and we were at 100 each, maybe more and we had the super precision. I dnt think we hit each other once that last stock
    Listen Baby I'm sorry
    Just wanna tell you don't worry
    I will be late don't stay up and wait for me
    I'll say again you're dropping out my battery is low
    So you know we're goin to a place nearby
    I gotta go
    im always on AIM, its just that i think my settings have it where if i dnt have you on my buddy list than you cnt see if im online, maybe its set to private but i have no lcue how to change it
    yea reno said he had your blessing saying it was ok for me n him to team esticle but honestly i think it makes a bit more sense for us to. and im probly not going to anything until then so yea...its not like i need teams practice with yo cuz were unbeatable. ill be practicing with tec0 most likely so ill still be on top of my game. and i wanna do like team MM's there 2. :) yay at hazz beasting so i can win free money
    umm remind me, why am i not teaming with you at esticle again? and all of tsa should be at this. like me u reno ale gmoney. gmoney should bring ryan and other LI people and u should talk tetra into going
    Man Pc almost made drop Marth for Fox after watching those. U look like that when your on point. And its so gay bcuz no one else can do anything to you. Homo. Lmao but man hows Hofstra training without the best sheik n marth in NY, has to be wack
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