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  • Hey! I think we may have played together this morning in Smash Ultimate. If that was you you were great and I had a lot of fun! I was a green Kirby that went by GrnFzzTgr. I wouldn't mind playing again in the future if you wanted, though I'm clearly not tourney level.
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    Oh cool I remember you bro. Pleasantly surprised to use this site after so long as see a familiar face too. I'll help ya out though when I have the time. Got a lot of things to sort out in life and I'm only up at nights atm. I'll let you know when I'm available. (P.S. I have 4 friend requests I don't know how to find. Didn't look too hard to be fair. If one of them is you then hmu when I'm online.
    Awesome, I'd love to play again sometime. I hope life is treating you well even though it's busy! Yep, one of the request was mine. Though I forgot how to find them at the moment too. I usually just click the profile bubble at the top left.
    I was Thinking Would you like A Get together with Melee Friends and we can play At a place Next Weekend.
    yeah I know about crouch cancelled smashes and I dash dance a lot. his dash dance is too good. im just horrid at tech chasing
    :O cant use falcon when you dont have a good mindset lol.
    least you played a good player though not random guy's MK.
    :O im goin on an interview at an airport uh tuesday or so so ill be able to take someone (1) with me anywhere pretty much for tourneys n stuff. mostly crew probably but for AiB stuff we could go to florida for the next gigs lol
    (insert john here)
    lol but na seriously, i punched a wall and went to the tourney severely pissed. My first tourney match was with blacknese and we were literally sandbagging the entire set. he wins first match, i two stock him on onnet second match, i get 9, gimped and *****: 3 stocked final match. even though i lost both of my first matches i had much fun playing blackanese. it took the stress off my mind of the problems i had prior to the tourney. :p
    I think the 31st is the blue battle circuit. Not so sure about the monthly.
    Btw the Macy's you work at is in West Orange right?
    I almost got one down at new port lol they're hiring everywhere :O
    Yeah, please do, i got me a job, and it's pretty easy, even when it gets busy dude. What you can do is apply at Macy's like i did, lol, they hired me much faster than i expected, its best to apply at the Livingston Mall or at the Short Hill Mall, they need people, but i suggest you apply for the one at the Short Hill mall, their starting pay is $9.40, while unfortunately, mine is the MW, $7.40 an hour, but yeah dude, its just a suggestion, good luck on the hunt
    LOL, oh well that ain't a problem, i was just teasing, but yeah, if you are going to any tourneys between now and before the 12 of December, let me know, i want to join you, need to step my game up in this field of interest and become more competeable
    Yeah, i think your other account got banned, i met you at the tournament Saturday at Enemy Controller
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