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  • I see. Well I'm sure we can work something out sooner or later. If not, we can TRY wifi if someone you know has a Wii.

    The name of the show is Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun. Blue-haired chick is Reika Houjou.
    That's nice to hear. Well I'm at home for the break and closer to Riverdale now, so I may be able to drop by occasionally if you guys want to play/train or something. Other than, you should show him around Waba, since that's the main Brawl hub.
    No offense, but I'm not comfortable with them like I am with you, yeah, I know that sounds gay, but were men here, so you know what I'm talking about. If I knew them like you, then I would be more prone to come, but my other friend, Phil, who was the big guy with the afro is not going to come, and if you aren't, I'm too scared and sorry to play, so it would just be a waste of my time........
    Reflex, BigLou, and kismet most likely will be there. That's all the motivation you need!
    Nah, I won't be there this time. I'll actually be making money this coming weekend. ;)

    As for the screwdriver, just search for "Tri-wing Screwdriver" or "Gamecube Screwdriver" and you'll find it. Numerous people sell them, so I couldn't just narrow it down to one site.
    Hi. Do you have a facebook? I can invite you to that tournament you commented on if you'd like.
    I update and check the facebook far more often. :)
    but yeah, it's pretty solid, but inconsistent, when we're in the zone, we can beat some other states in our region, but that's a rarity. biglou's gone to alabama, and beaten them, and reflex from alabama has beaten florida, it's a little circle i guess :o. But yeah, if yo're trying to play wolf, you're going to have to patient and notice everything about your opponent's gameplay
    sometimes you have to drive far to get good experience, i would have to drive about 40 minutes to play someone who knows what they're doing with their character because of that, i'm kind of not opted to do it, it really depends on how much you truly want to win, you can win with wolf, you just have to know your matchups, for example you obviously want to ban final destination against a falco, which you refused to do. and you need to work on your spacing much more with wolf, it's do-able, you just have to get grabbed and chaingrabbed a couple of times until you figure out how to avoid it for as long as possible.
    To answer your text, I really don't know if I'm going this weekend. I'm still trying to secure a ride.
    I think I'm busy all this week, but I'll let you know. My phone is currently out of minutes, but you can text me if you need to contact me some way. My number is 404 536 7122.
    I actually haven't talked to Deo about that yet. I'm still iffy on the matter, because even though I know my dad is home on Mondays, some days my mother has days off and doesn't tell me before hand. There's also the possibility of me having to do temporary work during the day now. I'll try to set something up though. Worst case scenario is we just meet at Waba occasionally.
    Well, if I was going I certainly could pick you up. Unfortunatly, I can't go to the smashfest this Friday as I will be going to chill with some freinds.
    That's cool. Don't worry about not knowing people. The one thing about the competitive Smash community is that a lot of us are willing to help out each other.

    If you need to need to play offline or attend a tournament, just let any of us know, and we'll see what we can do.
    IC4 is this Saturday:


    You can probably contact Lounis (dentedglass on Smashboards forums) about a possible ride to both to Waba and Impact Clash if you can either meet him somewhere downtown or pay him gas money. As far as Impact Clash, Luis (TheReflexWonder) says he can pick me up on the way, so perhaps he can do the same for you, if you ask.
    If you're talking about the smashfest, it's $5. If you're talking about Impact Clash it's a $10 entry fee plus $10 for Brawl singles. Doubles is $20 per team.
    Can't make it to Waba smashfest on Friday. Trying to see if I can go to Impact Clash on Saturday. Were you looking to ride with someone?
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