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  • Hey Chain, I need a favor. I'm working on a large project with some Melee back room members to get an elo system up and running. You can read more about it here. Anyways, I was going to see if you could email me the .tio file for your tournament "Comboed on Arrival" and any others that you have. My email is medes86@hotmail.com I would really appreciate it, thanks.
    Sorry, but I've had to change your title as 'modaretor' is a bit misleading. Let me know with what you'd want it changed to instead.
    Sure, I remember your falco being great.

    I use Ganon in teams along with Cfalc.

    Now that I got a partner, ill be practicing.
    On my description for my Youtube page (GrandAdmiralShavy), I list what I use to record. It's a Hauppauge HD PVR 1212.

    As for how to do it, I use Sony Vegas for editing and upconversion.

    Quality was boosted with Rayku bringing an HDTV with no lag. :awesome: I may be getting one for myself.

    I made a thread that tells you how to record, which is on my sig.

    I also record with even better quality using Dolphin, but I don't think you'd be too interested in that (Barwl, that is) :3.
    Yo yo what do I need to record melee matches?

    Also I'mma make a MAD sig haha. It's gonna ****. :3
    Yes you are right! And I have been. I have been telling people that I thought should know. I want to tell PB&J, but I can never find his username... ;-; lol.

    I will hype up with your flyers, too. : D
    bummer my monitor doesnt have a brightness button =/
    Well is does but its like broken lol. Eh either way thanks for posting about that item, its still freaking awesome =)
    Hey so I saw your post for the vga/rgb box and bought one myself. It's pretty awesome and NO LAG. But I was just wondering if your video quality is also unusually bright on stages such as yoshi's story and dreamland?
    Sorry I couldn't go dude. : [ I wanted to come out and support you guys, but hopefully the next time I can go I'll go to your tourny. : D

    Also, let me know what you want on your purple sig. I'll make you one just tell me what you want on it lol.
    Thanks man, I'm sure I will! I know there are plenty of youngins haha. : D You did very well with the format. Also, check my sig! Yes, it's ****. I know. :p
    Yo, I used the format you had for Melee Flyers. : D Lol. I was gonna make my own logo and stuff, but I was like "Nah that's probably not legal" so I just went with yours. Secretary said it was well done, great job dude. : D
    i have a crazy idea..

    philly vs neptune crew battle!

    eggm and cactuar crew leaders, then 4 others from the region.

    rom 3. each player gives $20.
    I was thinking october, so people could get some ROM3 practice or something.

    I mean, I'm still looking around for GOOD venues and stuff. : D I have told my friends Kurt, Jon, Alicia and others about this, and they want to do it too haha. : D

    Nothing much, just chillin.

    I wouldn't expect it to be big or anything, but yeah. : D

    Oh cool, I'll tell Eggm about this too. :D
    Yoooo. I'm thinking of hosting a tourny in the future in philly haha. : D

    Sup? We need to play again. :p
    Hi! You helped me so much with my Falco during Apex and I definitely appreciated it, your Falco is soo crazy good and I learned a lot from playing you. I hope to improve and deff play you at another tourney!
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