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  • Shiva blasting is my favourite thing.

    I love having sex in Priuses, 'cause you're not only having sex, you're saving the environment too.
    Oh wow that is cool that you are helping. Alright, some other time definitely.

    I know right? It is so weird how some song have worse representation then others but that is the way it goes most of the time eh?
    Did you know that song is rated one of the worst songs on the album? It's weird that one and Bad Kids are rated pretty low on the album along with Black Jesus etc.

    I was thinking Ran's small game of only 9 people would work but it's up to you. :3
    That's surprisingly because the first time I listened to the album I picked Marry the Night as one of her better singles. I was shocked when You and I got picked as one but now I absolutely love it as one of my favorite gaga songs. Fashion of his Love would be interesting and I agree that I think she wants Americano as a single and I feel it could be really great. There are so many odd songs that could do really well on the album.

    Speaking of Lady Gaga, we need to hydra sometime with our hydra we never got to use lol.
    Oh god, Drake is terribad. I'm sorry but he is haha.

    She isn't good live but she has a great radio voice if that makes sense. Jeez! That is insane about hearing her though haha.

    I cannot wait for her awesome things. What are your picks for her next single from Born This Way? I am thinking Americano or Bloody Mary.
    There really needs to be more of those types of artists from the past in today's music industry. With like songs and artists that are full out awesome. Some of these new things are jokes...

    Btw, is it bad that I am in absolute love with Carly Rae Jepsen? I think she is great and her song is catchy but she also did another great song with Owl City (such a good duet).

    Btw, where has Lady Gaga been? She needs to come back to my radio lmao.
    The Voice is a PHENOMENAL show. I watch both The Voice and X Factor almost religiously and Britney is a meanie judge but she is so cool as well haha. Right now I am listening to Oops!...I Did It Again. That was actually my first pop song I ever heard and I think I ended up buying that album when I was younger while my brother bought Smash Mouth.
    You literally just quoted my mind girl. That is exactly how I feel in terms of Britney because I was so impressed by her comeback even with all the haters. I love her old songs definitely but her new songs aren't bad by any means. I love how people are rooting for her to comeback and not just her music. She is also a fantastic judge on X Factor this season.
    Btw, had a question. I have never think asked you, your full opinion on Britney Spears. She is dominating this year in terms of her social stuff but I have always been in love with her.
    Think of it as your life being extended. And yeah. Sooooooon. what days.

    Also you gonna make a meeting or something to request a day for MAD3
    Black Cherry is soooooo good. Cranberry is and so is the original. I actually don't really like Limeade, but eh it's still good old mike's to me. They are so delicious haha.

    Btw, I got my driver's license! If you have time sometime, hop on skype. Last time we were talking I was busy with some other thingies.
    Dear pen pal,

    Seems it's been a bit since I wrote you back so now I am in the mist of my incredibly flilthy bedroom due to my still needing to finish cleaning it. However, it is about done. All I really have to do is build my desk and I shall be done!

    Tonight I am just staying up really late so I can be really sleepy and go to sleep at a decent time tonight since tomorrow is my first day at college ever! I am so excited but nervous at the same time. I really just want to meet people haha.

    I am glad that you like Pound the Alarm because it is a good song overall. Sounds like, however, you were extremely busy at work! It's a good thing you have an astounding personality that does you well for the job. <3

    I didn't end up doing The Sound of Music audition because my sister ended up getting appendicitis the day of. She is fine now and back to her normal sense but that was a whirlwind to say the least. I have a new audition lined up called "Into the Woods" which is my second favorite musical ever haha. But bad luck struck when I got a call from the producer saying that the auditions were being postponed due to the director being hospitalized and incredibly ill. Hopefully I will get more info about whether the play will still be going on or not.

    Ever since you left me the VM, I did check The Kooks and they are insanely cool! I love their sound haha. And I definitely 100% approve of you going Mixtape Festival in Hershey! All of those artists and you saw them all? Grah jealous much!!! I love The Wanted already so I have listened to a bit of them and isn't Kelly Clarkson just FANTASTIC!? She is probably one of the best artists when she is live and she is just astounding to listen to. Her new album is fantastic and love a lot of the songs. One of my favs nowadays is "You Can't Win" and I love it as a work-out song.

    With me nothing really has been going on lately, I guess. I mean there are some stories I could tell you but they are not appropriate for VMs...haha! Lately, I have just been lounging and getting ready for college and moving into the new house which is possibly the single most annoying thing in the world because since I am the oldest, strongest, tallest, whatever, I have to do so much of everyone else's stuff, but I never have enough time to work on my own room, which is finally nearing completion. You never realize how many clothes you have until they are just thrown about everywhere and you have no dressers and a severe lack of hangers!

    Do not hate me! I started reading 50 Shades of Grey and am about done that book. Omg, it is like I am reading straight up pornography, but it's so interesting to read I can't stop. Ugh, why must I like mediocre books. It's not bad, but it's not that good either. It's good in a compelling, if you like this sort of thing, you will love it. But it's bad in terms of how the author writes it. I mean I swear to god if she says the same word "belatedly" one more time, I will rip pages out. (I could never do that though, books <3) Oh and get this, excerpt "He stared at me with fervent eyes." How the hell can eyes be fervent? I mean lol what? However! It has a main character I do not despise and actually am quite fond of in certain parts of the book (some other times I want her to go jump in a bed of nails....but maybe that may just arouse her....ugh!)

    Also you should totally 100% go to Apex with Carlos! I mean, opportunity to meet and just gab about music and other random things about life? PLUS IHOP!!! <3 And besides me, there will be other DGamers there and I am flying all the way from CO to go so you should totes go even though you don't really play the games that much anymore. I can also imagine a dynamic mafia game being played with the entire lot of us. It just wouldn't be the same without you! :( :( :( So you should totally come. I mean, it's an international gaming convention so that is a really cool factor in of itself.

    In terms of brawl and the like, the basic things is I am doing more research and trying really hard to get into my community but I never seem to fit into Brawl communities. Hopefully when Smash4 comes out, then I can get more involved but till then I can still research and debate :lucas: to my heart's content. <3 Might pick up :toonlink: to just have a bit of fun but Brawl isn't my top concern.

    However, now that I am done playing mafia, all my free time lately is just reading. I actually spent a whole 24 hours watching an anime. It was so good and I loved it. It's called Future Diary (or in Japanese Mirai Nikki). Great, lovable characters and a good psychological game type thing. I know when school starts up, I am going to have like very little free time, but idk, it's just the fact that I want more in terms of a social life which will hopefully come about sooner rather than later.

    Anyways, enough about me, tell me about the exciting life and adventures you have been having lately! Full details, girl. ^^

    ~J <3
    Haha it's no problem at all dear. I know you are a busy girl. ^^

    I love her new song on the radio, Pound the Alarm and that was a song I guessed would be one of her newest singles. I have a feeling you will probably be hot n cold with her album if the main reason you like her at the current time is due to her going back and forth in the album and having a range from pop to rap.

    I do too! I am still waiting on hearing back but who knows with this. I can't be a server till I am 18 due to alchohol laws but I can still be a host which is equally as good for me. Yeah I've heard it can be hell, especially dependent on the hours you end up working but what are you going to do? Money's money haha. And damn girl! That is quite the shift you are working!

    I ended up not getting the job for the show and not being casted which is sad but I just am going to push through it and move onto the next options and auditions. I even have one scheduled for this weekend which should hopefully be fun regardless. It's for The Sound of Music. I love my major though and cannot wait to start taking the classes but we will see how that all goes.

    Random question: Have you ever heard of the band Blood on the Dance Floor? For some reason, I feel you may like them due to their upbeat nature of their songs. A little explicit but I love them for their beats and their lyrics/messages they send out in some of their songs.

    I also realized this is becoming like a pen pal thing where we get responses from each other later and we tend to write a lot to each other. xD
    Haha I am such a Nicki Minaj fan it isn't even funny and I don't know why I love her so much but I find her hilarious and I also love like all of her songs. She was actually the first album I bought in a long while that I didn't regret buying it and loved like every song. I would suggest listening to her song Marilyn Monroe. It is so good and the lyrics actually hold meaning to them that are really cool and unique.

    Omg, you have got my dream job I am looking for as a part-time job. I would love to be a waiter since I love waiting tables and interacting with people in that way and the pay is pretty decent dependent on where you work. I am applying to a local Olive Garden soon so crossing my fingers at this. My parents also are trying to help me in terms of them knowing the manager at this fancy restaurant called Ted's and saying he might hook me up with a job when I turn 18 which would be fantastic.

    I am doing good! I wish I could tell you everything in this small VM but let's just say a LOT has been going on in my life in terms of it moving forward. I declared my major for Theatre Arts - Primary Focus Directing and have my orientation tomorrow. I am moving into a house soon, still living in that hotel for another 3 weeks or so but whatcha going to do? I also have a couple of auditions scheduled that I cannot wait for because if I end up getting the part in one of the productions, I will get paid a stipend for acting in it! I am so enthusiastic at the possibility of getting paid for something I love.
    Eeeeh @ the Rihanna album because that one song, I just did not really like that much to be honest. I mean I love Where Have You Been but eh to the other one. I will also be sure to go see that movie sometime.

    I have a question for you because I don't think I remember us really talking about her, but what is your opinion on Nicki Minaj.

    Also sorry for creeping on your convo with Swiss, but I totally agree with him chica. You seriously underrate yourself. One game, you really need to go in HARD and show them the July the couple of us see in you because that would be great to see.

    Anyways, how has your life been so far?
    Haha I will still be around July! And omg that is the cutest panda I've seen in a while. D=

    I really hope I can do well in my new school's theatre program. I saw you added me on skype and was happy to see that! So yeah we deffo need to talk and I really do wanna see that Katy Perry movie but I have had like no time. I am gonna try and do one of those movie days where I just go to the movie theatre and see a bunch of shows and Katy Perry's movie is one of them.

    We also have to talk about music! I have been debating on getting Rihanna's new cd but I don't know if I wanna make the purchase. Funny enough, I have been spending most of my music money on new broadway soundtracks to listen to and familiarize myself with.
    Haha I guessed the adorable animals. But like I have that weakness of Cheez-its and like pretzels to the point of people ship me and those food as pairings. xD
    Just what I've told you before. Believe in yourself.

    You're one of the few players here that is good - and the only player that actually underrates themselves.

    Be more forceful. That Bleck scumread? Great play. You're too easy to lynch, and that is a weakness.
    There was a game, I'm sure, you were scum with me - we won. Circus was town and endgamed. For some reason I think Nabe was either in or modding.

    Does this ring any bells?
    Ikr? After I got done directing I decided to join a couple of games and the like and soooo glad I did.

    Here I'll go sign up for that game with an S that I cannot seem to remember and that way others might join us haha. Swiss was considering it. =o
    TT *shiver* You/Me/Vandy escaped it alive but dear me that was just so omg haha. DEGREY! GRRR xD

    I hope the game starts before the others are over because I'm not in FFT and I'm hydra'ing in G3S so the only game I have by myself is the game I replaced in for you. <3
    Mhmm, haven't played with indy in a while plus a mafia faction with no NK? Me like.

    Though the contracts thingy is a little...uhm...confusing but I think I'll get the hang of it while playing with it ya know?
    Well you are doing that exclusive private game right? I sure hope so haha.

    I think you should sign up for that Star thingy game and I'll join in with Sang.
    I miss playing mafia with you sooooooooooooooooooooooo much. =<

    I asked Rockin if we could have hydra'd if you came back but I guess the answer was no. :sadface:
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