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  • Word, is he the falco main? Either way that's awesome. Your link was soooo slick for zero experience.
    I got nothing but respect for you and the link boards blubba, I understand where you're coming from and yea there are things i need to get off my chest so ill try to stop by the link xat more often.
    Hello! We, the Link Back Room, have nominated you for the position of Aerial Specialist.

    If you would be so willing, we need you to write a detailed "guide" on Link's aerial game.

    To update you on our progress: Anonano is now a moderator here. Activity has begun to increase in the Link Boards. A match-up thread is on the way. Write-ups from specialists are being written.

    Stop by the Link Back Room if you would like to see for yourself what's going on =)
    The LBR Requires your assistance!

    Please check in at the Link Back Room to see our current projects and objectives.
    lmao test it out then and let me knows if it works then :o
    if it doesnt,i guess i'll fight your replacement

    hmm..i'll be avaiable most of the day
    so whene ver you're ready is cool

    except now...maybe not,idk xD
    yea,we have a week so it's cool
    take your time

    i'm available most of the times so we won't have a problem setting up a time when you get it fixed. posted a picturte showing Dtilt's spike box, courticy of you. Can I use it in my guide? (I'll credit you ofcourse) If you can tell me how to get pictures/videos from my SD card to online that would be cool.
    Hey, Ugly!
    Oh wait, *I'm* Ugly. You must be Blubba. Nice to meet ya. ;)

    Anyways, check the LBR, it would be cool to have your input on what me and Thunder of Zeus have thought up.
    You get insulted in blu's thread? O_o

    That's really weird, tbh. Who insults you? I'll set 'em straight lol.
    Lol, it was a spam thread, what did you expect? =P

    Everyone woulda enjoyed it had you put it in blu's thread, that's why it was made to begin with.
    lol, I know the feeling. I was very tempted to post too, it was hard to restrain myself.
    I have already said if you have any problems with moderation, use forum disputes. Contacting me about this will do absolutly nothing to help you at all, and if you keep posting about it elsewhere, including on my profile, I'll be forced to hand out infractions. Please use forum disputes.
    cool took me a while to respond....had a tournament dont yah know

    anywho i can be on sometime this wekkendish
    yo dude....you may not remember me but we fought in smash wars shortly after brawl came out.....i was using game and watch and you gave me some advice. (yeah at the time i hadnt played smash in a long time..and pretty much just sucked) .............your positive additude was some good encouragement to get back into the game.....now i use ganon and we should like have an epic rematch
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