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  • yeah foreal tho free entry we got fast food around da corner lmao and it got soda machines bball pool 360's and wii's all you gotta do is sign in we can make this work.
    well no one wanna go since the venue is so much, ill let em know you tryin to have a smashfest cause other wise i dont have a ride
    oh cool maybe one day i can make it out there i think im only like 30 or so mins away from there. also a question how many could you bring if i host this tourney on the 9th
    hey do u play brawl or melee cuz i live in youngstown and am always looking for people to play with in youngstown
    Hey, yo, Shell and I are having a fest on the 4th of September when Cape comes into Cleveland. Do you think you can par-take? :p
    Yes, you can hold L/R to tech around 20 frames before you actually land (well, in beta 4.0 it's 15 frames instead of 20).
    He seemed mostly the same as vbrawl to me. but with the extra hitstun it was alot easier to take out heavies for both of us. I'd have to play a good meta to know for sure though, neither of us are that good with him.
    Funny thing I noticed about choke is that with the ability to tech it, if you choke offstage and back onto it they can tech away and go almost to the other side. So far being able to tech out of it hasn't been much of an issue asside from that because he never does it.

    If my bro was better I'd probably get whupped alot more. As is we play about the same as we do in vBrawl. I do notice that his sucky MK tears me up in brawl+. I dunno if that's me being stupid or MK being too ****.
    That's good to know. I haven't tried playing anyone on wifi yet, but my brother mains olimar. I've noticed the extra hitstun in brawl+ really helps the matchup because olimar wont stay on the ground long if you get a hit off on him.
    Do you think Ganon could use having fair or something buffed somehow to aid approaches? Chargeable/cancelable utilt would be nice too.
    i'm just wondering, how well does your ganon do in brawl+ against what were his bad matchups in vbrawl?
    I agree link doesn't need a lot of momentum but just a tad would benifit him. Any more than a tad might hurt him
    Hey Finnz. My friend was trying the Wi-Fi hax music code, but only he can hear it, I can't. Any idea what's going on?
    of course you can pm lol. Im not sure if pw decided to give it another shot. We shall see
    Hey, if you want to join Ganongasm, you need to do it pretty soon. Like within the next few days. If you do not want to, please tell me. Thanks.
    my wii is in indiana right now, i'll get it back saturday lol....
    My Boomerang is at its full potential, my spin attack is only used with my boomerang, and bombs are starting to get there with Ich and Sasook.

    The Link's just don't like change it seems like, or they all hate testing stuff. <_> so it never really gets anywhere

    Also, what do you mean by the pivot grab? It seems to reach and have just as much lag as a normal grab, lol
    Idk ur right, im posting a vid though showing how useful the reverse grab is if they dont have there second jump or after a dash attack its hella smexy. I got it on link spectle last night like 4 times in a row and I felt like D3 or some **** like wtf. Really the bombs and the boomerang as well as the spin attack are all not at full potential in my opinion. Meta spams all of his gay moves why shouldnt we...I kno link is 100 % not gay but still
    To be honest, all thats left is useless information to test to prove theories. I actually can't think of anything else thats useful besides just random data. Like "less useless then the random data for Snake I find useless".

    If you can at least think of at least 4 things we need to test further, and a good reason to do so, then I'll make the thread. It also can't be jab lock frames (that's the 5th thing, which is how many I want to make this thread)

    (the unlock, lock, unlock frames for example)
    Yo Finns.

    I just realized that we've never played each other. We desperately need to do something about that. Also, you should add your info to the Ganon Friend Finder...we miss you. :lick:

    <3 DAD
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