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  • i concur. everyone i meet that plays smash, i tell them to join smashboards. our community really sucks.
    Don't have much time to type, just go to the Ganon and Fox boards. Topic: Forum Battle, Challenge.
    Well, I was speculating on having one, but I know nothing about tourney running, and I wouldn't be able to get people lodging or any of that crap.
    thx dude for the combos, the whole point was to see combo potential. If you play in the lag u get used to it and u get used to timing ur stuff earlier...its still gay though.
    That was terrible I think I've been turned off of online brawl for a while now. How can you play in that lag? I couldn't get any of my characters to do what I commanded on time. Nice combos by the way.
    aww i shouldve stayed then lol
    i know but i hate it when i cant control my moves >__< like wifi = a good way to piss you off lol
    sorry finns i wouldve kept playing but the lag was really bad lol, ggs though
    ****, well, we'll see what happens. Adapting to Wi-Fi after playing so much offline might **** you up though lol
    Oh thats ok, offline > online anyways as long as there's not that bad lag you should be alright right?
    your one of the great wifi links that i have yet to play D:

    i played every other link though ;D come on lets get some matches going
    Yea, Fox is someone to look out for. I think I might pick him up as a main or secondary to falcon so ill do more testing...I also think Fox is easier to get combod being that he is a fast faller..
    Idk how you claim to be good at DIing in brawl when you get CGed by falcon lol. I don't play with gravity and 12% is fine. Have you seen my falcon vid I have up? I only CGed him because he DIed bad, then the next Dthrow you see him DI properly so I couldn't do it. DI Down and away and your never get CGed by falcon....trust me
    if you have internet explorer 7.0 go into tools then click live messenger

    go to www.hotmail.com and register for a hotmail account, then log into live messenger with that account
    yea you should get MSN because thats what most of the link mains use
    Idk if I do I suck at computer **** I have I just got at and t yahoo mail
    coolnightryder@sbcglobal.net DOnt laugh my mom made it a long time ago without my consent the name is corny

    should I get msn
    do you have MSN? if you do add me

    DI onto sheik's head and footstool her, i think its the only way out

    don't try to DI away, you'll just get pulled back in
    Yo How the hell do u get out of shieks ftilt with link, I usually can get out but when I played that tristan win guy just now on wifi it was difficult to do it.
    that hack is probably the only one that i'd use. but i think i'd use it as an excuse for being lazy and not recording live matches lol
    i'll never hack my wii or anything for that matter because hackers piss me off so badly. you have to remember that i used to play counter strike 1.6, a hacker infested game. i'll play brawl how it was meant to be played, while i continue to play melee the way it was conditioned to be played.
    If you believe yourself to be ready to get into the tourney scene (like I did) I would say to definitely try to go to the next Test Your Might (if you can, that is, it's two days after Christmas).
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