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  • so i was reading on a random thread, and i noticed you had posted a post with sumthing about a frame data list so i was wondering if you have Links frame data. you see im on a quest to save hyrule(the Link boards) form being destroyed, and it would really help me out if you had it.
    Holy crap, 9 projects due Friday. ****, man. Seriously, devoting time to the metagame is great, but school is more important.
    i never got to say thanks for that tutorial on how to hack a wii thanks alot! brawl+ is so much fun
    Wait was the avatar part of the original choices on this site? If it is that is cool cause i still have the original file that i cut down to fit in forums. Creation date march 7 2001. If you cut a picture down too to make your avatar then we must have picked almost the exact same pixels to save, far out. Its all cool though, im just glad to see a fellow harvest moon fan on a smash forum.
    I love how you soo stole my avatar. Gotta give you props on finding a good one to steal though.
    can i add you to friends, your homebrew help thread was very easy to understand ^__________^

    now to buy an sd card :p
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