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  • Slarti said that he'd be at my place by 7:20, then go to Vanz's place by 8. Since I think dempt isn't going with us, his spot is free. He was originally going to meet us at Vanz's place, so yah. I'll try calling Slarti if he doesn't get back to you with where Vanz is or anything
    Haha, wasn't that random.... I took some before bed and know exactly what you meant now. x.x **** was crazy.
    You remember telling us that you saw words poppin up off the screen when you stayed up on Ambien?
    214-536-1403, call me whenever you land so I can figure out what gate you are landing in.
    Also I got housing for you.
    I hope I see ya again! It was fun traveling with ya and hanging out... I wish you luck in college and on your future endeavors... Be sure not to leave us out in your thank you letter to Twinsburg... :p
    Yo is it alright if SYGU gets started at around 5:00-5:30? I'll be coming from my nephew's birthday party to pick up Shugo if he needs me to, then be off to your place. Is that ok?
    Hey, my name is conrad. me and my friend have been looking to start up and/or attend places where we can smash. im looking for support on this issue, so any feed back would be appreciated.
    Me too!
    Sorry, I forgot that you had wrote back. >.>
    But yeah. Do you know who else is going?
    Marf. :3
    They better not sell out! Scatz and Airborne said they might be thar. :/
    I has' Fox as a pretty solid secondary against those nasty Dedede's.
    Osht!. lol How much are they?! I'll get one ASAP. : )
    If we go, you wanna' team? Well....If I don't wind up with another one of my friends. :p

    What secondary are you working on?
    well get your pass if you can go to MLG, hope you can make it.

    it was solid then i stopped playing till like yesterday so i gotta play catch up again, i need to get outta my current slump. and im working on a secondary
    The showdown might be a bit iffy, but I'll go to MLG if anything. : )
    I haven't really been to an official tourney since Season's Beatings 4. :p
    I need to get out there and rep that Yosheh!

    How's that Pika? <3
    I know right? It's been too long.
    I've been dealing with school and whatnot. What about you?
    I'm so hyped for the next tourney. <3
    You ready for this weekend? =D

    I'm not worried about ESAM (he's got more than enough confidence, lol), but I'm reaaaally rooting for you to do well.
    This is gonna sound really weird but......

    Was your username always King Yoshi? Or did it have a _ before?

    I feel like I'm going crazy, but your name looks different............
    yea, i was playing it alot more but i left it over my friend house and he cant find it <.< lol
    but yea ill play you in that im not super good at it either
    lol, aight let me know about the teams. And we will definitely have some friendlies. You play melee by any chance? I just picked it up. I'm horrible at it right now, but I'm learning fairly quickly.
    Yo man, saw you might be coming to MSC4 in AA; I'm probably goin'. Team up? =P
    yeah foreal tho free entry we got fast food around da corner lmao and it got soda machines bball pool 360's and wii's all you gotta do is sign in we can make this work.
    dog u might as well scratch it if no ones goin we should jus have a legit smash fest somewhere i suggested there cus its free 2 get in but my friends are 50/50 on it...not that many haha
    King yoshi u remember me man? well im in Ytown 15 mins away from warren and we got a place that already has wiis and tv's and it costs nothing to enter its free 2 the public
    Idk ill think of something i just think brawl should be something ewlse since im not the one hosting it you know lol And with it you can play for absouloutly free and **** its your bracket and all idc what you do lol i just dont think alot of brawlers like me so much cuz i *****ed them out lol M2k and vidjo were bashing on lain tho so bad today i should have kept my cool tho you do that so your a better choice lol Also illpay you if you want.
    Venue Name: All American Cards & Comics
    Address: 161 W Market St
    Warren, Ohio, United States

    Venue is gonna be the same as last time 10 and 5 off for setup And whatever rules you want. Everything else is up to you its in the basement of a comic book shop just like RoM ill ask kitty for a picture if he can
    Hey man will you make the thread for the jan 9th Brawl im just gonna let you run that while i handle melee i really dont want anything to do with brawl lol

    I could try asking my mom for some extra money so that we could do doubles.
    I already have enough for the entry. ;)
    i work tommrow night thats why im not sure if i can go lol 8/

    its like 20 per team so like 10 each, thats the standard anyway
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