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  • Thanks man, I could use all the help I can get.

    I've got the basic principal down, due to my innate Smash experience, but I'm having issues mixing it up. I tend to spam projectiles past the useful point, but I'm not sure how to close it.
    At any rate, know of a good place I can learn to better understand Link? I just want to learn more about the character, I don't feel like playing any extra games to do so.
    I mean, seriously, they're worse than console wars, since at the very least, there's a reason to stay 'loyal' to one console - a lack of funds, and even that's dumb. But this is pure stupidity. There's nothing stopping a Luigi player to take a hand at Link except lack of interest. By virtue of putting in time to learn the character, I'm a Link main, whether or not I fit in with their club.
    That post of yours on the main Link forum was awesome. I've lurked those forums for a minute, but it's disgusting the way they carry about. I genuinely want to start learning Link, now that I've gotten a firm grasp on Luigi, but I'm simply not in the mood to deal with the 'internet tough guy' routine.
    Hey Mx778, I think that's what your name is XD. Anyways I see you went to phoenix saga and got out of pools with mostly mario :P
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