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  • Hows it going?
    Tourny in MD on Nov 12th, me(EE) and Seagull are hosting it, it is in a nice area and its a comic book store. If you can make it that be awesome, here is the thread link: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=312755

    Main event which is dubs and singles will be finished by 9:00-9:30 so no worries about being out all kinds of really late hours.
    thats cool. ill try to contact you when i have a smashfest. should be having one this week in preparation for ktar. letcha know.
    Hey, I can team with you for Viva España this weekend if you want. I'm that guy who usually teams with M@v. I typically use Ike in teams, but I can also use Marth if you wanted.

    Anyway, just leave a message on my profile whenever.
    Hey, my name is conrad. me and my friend have been looking to start up and/or attend places where we can smash. im looking for support on this issue, so any feed back would be appreciated.
    Thanks! I had the option of Bug Catcher, Rich Kid, Psyicic, and School Kid.
    I talked to everyone in Cherrygrove City and none of them changed my class. Is there a specific requirement I need to do?
    Hey I am told you go to Kent. I do as well and if you ever want to play let me know.
    I trade games with his ZSS, but its a lot more difficult then I want it to be. I plan to play Snakeee in texas so hopefully I get some insight there.
    ZSS and Pit. I have very little experience against them. and I struggle with Olimar as well lol.
    Oh also I am going to WHOBO i bought my plane ticket. Do you have any requests of people I should play and record matches from or ask for matchup experience? I want us to get better as a whole so let me know and I will gladly retrieve insight and share it with you.
    sounds good, but i'm already deviating what I plan to do. gratz on this last weekend though.
    rather hard on a neutral, and then even if I win my counter he planks his counter.
    he is falling behind and therefore is reverting to planking. Either that or is refusing to learn match ups, and I don't care if he does or not. I suggest learning the ditto because he is going to plank any Lucario he fights.
    Sorry, i think we'd both perfer to team with someone we actually know. I'm teaming with someone i know (smash64). i hope you can find someone!
    I say get Suyon to to team with you and try the Anubis strategy out towards the end of your matches.
    About the "gameplay sinking and its only going to be worse" thing.

    Hasn't something exactly like this happened before and then you boosted?

    Not sure if my memory was clear.

    Hey ArgentStew, I named the Lucario in my d/p/pt Pokemon team "Argent." It was a really fitting name and I had no idea what to name him at the time. XD
    hey argent its paul i just wanted to tell you that i got down the "dash cancel upsmash"

    i cant remember if you got it down with squirtle but i remember you said you had trouble doing it with snake (its a ***** to do it with shiek =()

    i dont know if this will help but this is what i did
    i set Z to attack
    dash>>>c-stick down (to dashattack)>>Z+up(control stick)

    using Z seems to help a lot i dont know if this will help...but maybe =p

    we need to play sometime. hope all is good your way =D
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