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  • So uh, apparently Jiffy's getting a room for just himself and Helen now. Suyon's getting a room that's about $300~ and he wants to get 6 people at least for 50 each. If we can find 2 others, you in? Uh, know anyone else looking? ...And Alecia should totally help me straighten my hair for a cosplay :V
    So Jiffy has a room thats me, Suyon, Helen and him, and he said maybe one or two more. Not lol 8 people but ask if you want.
    Also, If the soku tourney/touhou panel is like super early Friday and Jiffy isn't going early enough, could i ride down with you? and maybe itll let me cheese my way through brawl with a easy bracket...
    Derp? You complain about aggressiveness but you spent, what, a week? To write me an essay. I feel special though. Thank you dog lol
    Actually, if you knew the mechanics of the games, they aren't that different that people make it out to be.

    If they were so different they wouldn't have the same fundamentals.
    uh well since im not sure whats going on, ive set my alarm for 7 so ill be up by then, call me or text me to let me know whats up. 216-325-8735

    my address is 8884 Oakbrook circle, Twinsburg, Ohio
    hey slarti, rumor has it(moreso blue than rumor) that you might have two/one avaliable spot for hope3 this weeeknd

    can me and maybe suyon(ill no for sure if he needs a ride by tommrow) ride with you, i can get where ever and can ride back with argent if need be(i would go with him but he's leaving friday)

    thanks for your time
    i might have a backup plan if its a big deal, i can go home with argent but id really prefer still heading to there at least with you, argents leaving friday..
    oh man I'm going to be spending like $50 if I enter everything... We better win.
    Who's going with us?.. Vanz? I wanted to see if I could offer a spot to people
    So since Tony was originally going to take me to Hope and Mav is advertising me in the thread title... Can I ride with you?
    There's Melee teams here right? ;p
    lol.. >_< I'll add u later when i sign on. We should make a team and i'll go Anivia.

    Anivia + Morgana + 1 lane = DESTRUCTION!
    Why dont you just come for a lil bit People can start coming over at 9am today Stay for a bit low teirs in the morning leave and go to your homecoming lol
    The guy I PMed on 8way should be coming...and he said he could bring some people. I also invited SiGel, but I dunno if he'll show. I asked them all to bring setups if possible.

    Also, if you wanna show up at my house a bit early to practice and play some Smash, that'd be cool. I've been working on my short hopping =p
    I'm thinking of doing a Soul Cal fest this Saturday. I'll call you Friday with a definitive yes or a definitive no. IF yes, I would like to ask you to come, and to bring your 360 and your 2 TVs. If you want, we can hang out before going to the Panera. I'll try to get the back room reserved.
    ffff, I wish I had remembered you couldn't get on your computer, I would've called you a lot earlier than this. Now I have people who want to go besides me, and no plans set up. xD
    I didn't get anything from said message, just my original message in a reply. xD
    I should probably call you today about tomorrow since I think you told me your computer isn't working.
    Well, our position has changed. I wasn't all for having a bunch of people on our end come to this, but now I think we're ranging around 9~11 people. Not all are on equal skill level, of course, so it'll be interesting.

    If you want something to call me by besides Skyson (don't think anyone's ever called me by alias) then Tony is good too. I might be calling you "fast" the first time. <_<

    It's all set up for today. Enjoy the chessing [chess is a fun game], and I'll see you there.
    There really isn't any reason for me to post...I can just ask you things xD

    Also, your avatar kind of scares me. Kind of.

    And Minamimoto is awesome.

    Well, I can keep you up to date on how many setups we have and how many more we can fit. After x months of having Smashfests there, I have never stopped to check how many available outlets are in the back room. Oh well, I'll check it out.

    My cell's 330-309-5103, it'll be on pretty much any time that I'm not in school. The only exception from now until Smashfest will be tomorrow from 3:00-4:00 due to tennis practice. After that, I'm free. I'll be sure to keep you updated.

    You might be outnumbering us in that event, I think only 4 or 5 of us are coming to this. The more the merrier, lolz.
    That is the one, also lawl.

    I'm looking at 4:00-10:00 right now, but I have to talk to my friend to make sure he's good. If that's good for you and you're bringing your own setup, then we could probably stay until then. We normally only pack up at 8:00 if Darrell has to leave for something, since he usually brings all of the televisions.
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