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  • Good deal. I'll see what's up with the rest of them, then we'll get something arranged.
    That would be crazy, we normally bring 2~3 setups on our own. I know Panera's has room for 4 setups, maybe 5, I'd have to take a look. I'll keep you updated, I think we're doing something this weekend as part of my friend's birthday party.
    Right right, I'm up on the comparison. I would be going to canton schools because I don't even live close to the Perry township, I'm driven to school each day as well solely because I'd been going to Perry for x years and didn't want to leave my friends (smartest choice ever).

    From my house Panera's is like a 10~15 minute drive, so I can't imagine the distance being far. If you have a single setup we might be able to do something smaller than a smashfest someday soon, like a "meet and greet with smash" thing, I dunno. I bring GC/Melee, you bring TV, some smash is had, good times?
    Wow, that panera's is really close to where I live, and it's within walking distance (it would take a bit, but you could) of my friend's house. He lives in perry township and should be going to perry, but his parents thought jackson would be better for his education and drive him to school so that he can go to Jackson. (although I'm sure perry is perfectly fine, jackson is in a slightly wealthier area and thereby gets more funding from property taxes)
    Reserving Panera's takes no more than a phone call. Granted, not the entire place, just the back room. "Hi Panera's, this is [name] and I'd like to reserve the back room from [begin] to [end]. Thanks."

    I think I did pretty well with playing smart and looking for openings, I had a lot of close matches, I think four or five of them were high-% one-stock games. Those would be the matches when accidentally suiciding is very unnecessary. I'm pretty sure it cost me more than 2 or 3 games.

    And yes, I know about Marth countering spacies, the only reason I didn't want to do it is because I'm really only confident playing Sheik. The skill gap between her and just about any of my other characters is large, and I basically got pressured to death every time. I just started throwing uptilt and fsmash because I could never get a moment to grab. My Marth is bad.
    None of us made the bracket. I think Sionnach won 2 matches in his pool, Blue Rogue won 4 or 5 and somehow didn't make the bracket.

    I, on the other hand, failed hard. I didn't win a single game the whole time, doubles or singles. I think I had 1 or 2 SDs in every singles match (Wavedashing back to the ledge > trying to use Sheik's up-b cancel to edgehog). Can't tell you how many times I transformed into Zelda or threw the chain instead of doing Up-B. >_>

    I go to Perry. I thought you had to be from a close school. I'm actually typing this from in school right now, but I'll be home later.

    You should come to our smashfests. We don't really have them biweekly or anything, they're just kind of on a whim, whenever Darrell (the blatantly large kid that was hanging with us) decides to have them. They're on Saturdays at the Panera's Bread in Massillon, the one next to Target. The time changes, but the normal time is either 4:00-8:00 or 4:00-10:00. I can keep you updated on whether or not we're having one.

    Oh well about Sliq, it's bad to lose Brawl converts. I played Brawl for about 4 months before quitting it almost completely.

    If you're available anytime later, I'm always on AIM in the afternoon. Screen name's Skyson126. Just knowing that there's some other good smashers here in Canton is nice. You probably don't live too far from me, if you go to Jackson while still living in Canton.
    Yes, it is an amazing quote.

    I don't really remember what it is, but I'm pretty sure it's anti-Brawl.

    Simply because that's how I roll, and how everyone SHOULD roll.
    Guess who. Yeah, that's who.

    In case you don't know yet...I am the Admiral Switchblade.
    in that sense i dont mind playing brawl, but i honestly prefer playing people in melee. I get to show off the few skills i actually have, lol. I hope to play you sometime though.
    I would so rather play you in melee, but i play brawl at very rare times and with the same rules you do, No items and i only prefer fd, battlefield and smashville honestly. (wow your wii is broken)

    I added you as a friend because ive seen most of your posts reffering to melee. Ive been to a few major tournaments, i dont know if you have but there is a possibility that i might have met you if you have.
    Well... I don't like brawl for the reason that every time I play, I wish I was playing melee, and then I trip and stuff :/. But, I still have some fun when I play, and still play with my friends so I would have no problem playing you. However, since my Wii is broken right now (I'm about to send it in), I will have to give you a rain check.
    though i dont like the game, mind playing me sometime? if you hate it that much, i understand.
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