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  • Well, in a pool there may be 8 people. Everyone plays eachother until all the matches are finished. For example, maybe the first 4 may get out. They get out because they win the most matches and even rounds. In a tie of rounds won with another player, the player that won head to head gets out usually.

    This pool process is repeated until possibly 48 people then they play the bracket matches. Basically pools are a round robin to get into the next round, so the more matches you win the better the chance you have to get out of pools into the next round or into brackets.
    umm i live in australia lol, the lag would be horrific :p Theres a few NY sonic players, check the sonic boards
    oh, alright then. i'll be avaible randomly tomorrow so IM me @ brinboy789 if i am avaible i will play you. MK dittis will be fun :D
    you wanna play me? since i guess we live close to each other, they're probably be no lag. PM me at around 11, i'll still probably be online, and i can play then. MK dittos? :3
    Sorry about some of the lag's. =P

    Your Meta Knight is good, in fact better than a lot of Meta Knight players I Brawled.

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