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  • Oh lord. Another Suffolk brawler.
    Now I have someone to make LI inside jokes with.

    I am an ordinary mod. Someone like Mic_128 or McFox are the only ones that can do that.
    o lol thas cool. sux you're restricted. i kinda was too but then i started water polo and now its cool with them cuz i get TONS of exercise doing straight laps for 3 hours.
    oh my GAWD how do you spam SO MUCH. i saw your nubtastic post on marth's dtilt so i looked at your post count looking for smash n00b when i saw smash lord. so i looked at your join date and i noticed it was august. i thought how did he get more posts than me so fast? i looked at your statistics. 12.32 POSTS A DAY MAN?!!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!11111!!!!1!!!11111!!!one!11one1one111111one1!!!!!!
    Hate to disappoint you brinboy, but Wario is not even close to being as broken as MK. I can say this confidently, as one of the best Wario's in Texas, that he is not THAT good.

    I do hope you play him, but not because he is "broken". :D
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