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    Yea I am lol. I didn't know you started playing smash again after disappearing years ago

    Idk if I'll be at hitbox this week but you should try getting to ktar this saturday if you play smash 4 :D
    I'm actually not a big fan of smash 4 I actually prefer brawl above it but I'm a melee head now. I'm actually going to MoM tonight but seeing that your in the area now maybe we'll see each other at future events?? Why are you going to hitboxes anyway isn't that far from you?
    I prefer smash 4 over brawl actually. Plus kirby is pretty good in it imo

    That was my first time there last week. I was fiending to play so I figured I'd head up there.
    Hey man I notice that we are in the same state and If you could help me find ways to find tourney's around me since I really can't find any. I also main Luigi so any type of your help would be great!
    We've been trying to start up some smashfests on fridays recently and a smash 4 tourney just happened this past weekend in south philly. The game room at Temple is also a place to go to play on friday nights, which is where the smashfests will likely start taking place once the holiday season passes.
    Thank you so much this will be a great help :]
    No problem. I'm glad the philly scene is growing again
    Sorry I was doing hw all day yesterday. I will be doing hw again till about 1 then I should be on during the day.
    I just got back home from a smashfest and I'm more tired than Snorlax so I'm going straight to sleep lol. I should be on skype most of tomorrow though, especially at night.
    I don't know if I'm doing anything yet, but I should know by Thursday. And no, I don't know anyone else near me, I'm all alone out here.
    unless you stay on the bus without staying in a hotel, i'd say flying is cheaper
    Not exactly a priority atm, trying to focus on whats relevant right now.
    For the type of video editing you're looking for you should get Adobe Premiere CS5. That is the latest version I believe.
    You may wanna try a different editing program then. The reason I tried Vegas was to give it a shot and I made 2 or 3 videos using it, but then I went back to Adobe cause I liked it better. There are free torrents for Adobe Premiere on Pirate Bay. Vegas has always been iffy with exporting for me too.
    I just looked up some info on making vids in Vegas and it says to make sure your field order is set to "None (Progressive Video). You should check to make sure it is set to that as it may be the problem.
    That is pretty good for a capture card. Better than what I used to be able to record with my Gamebridge and Easy Cap. As for the interlacing, I used to use Vegas about 7 years ago when I used to make anime music videos but I only used it once since Adobe Premiere was more my style. One thing. Right after you record the vids do you see interlacing or do you see it after you export it through Vegas?
    I get my quality by recording the replays on my Dolphin Wii Emulator. I extract the save data from my Wii to a SD card, copy the files into my Dolphin Emulator, then replay the replay in the emulator and record it using a program called Fraps. It took a LONG time to learn but it isn't too hard to do. I taught Chibo, GIMR, and some others but they rarely do it because it is time consuming if you don't have a fast computer with a good graphics card. Btw I hope Strife updates the results cause he is both very slow and forgetful when it comes to doing....almost anything lol. Still love him though.
    I actually allowed there to be more than 64 entrants because DM asked me to put him in bracket the day of along with some other people so all the names there are supposed to be there.
    Lol it's no problem dude. I HATE when names are forgotten in results myself tbh so I can understand how it is bothering you. Ill get Strife to fit you in the results and sorry for the inconvience dude.
    It may have been an era on my part because All Brawl is so weird that after round 1 it is no longer a bracket and it becomes a list of people in a word document. Do you remember how many rounds you won? I can figure out your placing and have Strife fit you back into the results.
    Yeah I did, although it came out pretty wacky in the end lol. Something wrong with it?

    Well.. You'd still have to drop me back an that'd be out of the way no?
    well now then..

    *goes through list of johns to not attend on a notebook*

    i have to see if my mother didn't plan anything now.
    Well, I'll go confirm it now by asking

    edit: you asked already ahaha, I'll wait for your reply on MK being legal or not.
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