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  • Sorry about last night, didn't feel like playing w/o a full party. ;-;
    Uh, Whiteboy apparently got robbed and someone stole and posted WGT's personal info online.
    There is some serious YouTube drama recently with him, Whiteboy and Woodysgamertag lolz.

    Youtube = serious business.
    Well, the actually light novels? Now that sounds interesting... I might take you up on your offer
    Famous CoD Youtube commentator. Search "402thunder402" on Youtube for his videos.

    His chopper gunner song is EPIC!
    Hmm, well, I still want to own a physical copy. I read manga more than once when I buy it,
    "the file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable, please try again later"

    is it because megaupload just hasnt finished uploading it yet?
    manga or light novel? I still haven't read either, I'm hoping to make a trip to barnes and noble over the break to read it though.
    I can relate, but people are more understanding and accepting by the time they reach late teens and 20s. Kids are mean without realizing it since they don't have the concept of empathizing.
    Is there a specific image you want to portray to the public and manga/anime doesn't help do that?
    You need more pride in what you like. People who don't accept what others like are just ignorant or dumb.
    What makes it hard to read in public? Though i do wonder what people think of a bearded man reading shojo manga in public LOL (me)
    Yeah whole game, if you split and send it does that mean gotta upload it on YouTube in two parts?
    MW3 is what MW2 should have been. My 360 got the RROD (for the 3rd time...) last week but I sent it in for repairs yesterday. Should get it back by Monday/Tuesday next week.

    This is probably the last CoD game I'm going to buy. Since MW3 concludes everything from CoD4 and I'll always prefer the IW games to the Treyarch ones.
    Borders had sofa chairs for me to read manga on D: Barnes and Noble I have to sit at the starbucks tables to read

    I'm now getting my friend into Spice and Wolf xD
    Yeah il put it on my vault so you can get it there. How big are files usually when you record them? I'd say can you do it on megaupload but if not then can you upload it on your channel?
    I see, I used to go to Borders with my sister and we'd read manga there. If i liked the manga, i would buy it to be supportive to the artists and to read again when i wanted too.

    Now we gotta travel double the distance to barnes and noble :s It was more of a biweekly thing we did though.
    Definally confusing at first, but I just accepted the fact that it's related to a manga it'll be there. On one side, people who know about light novels while liking manga might buy them, but you won't get buyers who would read a light novel by accident who picked it up in a fiction section.

    IMO I think there is potential in putting light novels with are text based books in the fiction section..

    And you were a borders guy eh? I was quite sad seeing my bookstore close too, I did get like 30 manga books much cheaper, but now I favorite place to go is gone :(
    From what I searched on barnes and noble, looks like up to book 5 is published for the manga and maybe the light novel.

    Now the question is if i got $50 bucks to get it .. hmm decisions...
    Trust me, I've played against people who use noob tubes against me. I bet they're mad that IW removed OMA and DC from MW3. :glare:

    You going all the way in terms of prestige or no?
    Thanks to you, I think I'm madly in love with Ballistic Knives, loool. Thank you so much! Nice montage.
    Wow the light novel has way more than the anime and manga o.O! Wonder if that means a 3rd season for the anime is coming :o

    Wow its so popular there are 2 games for it o.O
    I'm an avid manga buyer, so I'm actually happy its lisence'd. I've seen it on the shelf and it did pique me, but I never read it.
    Dunno, I've only watched the anime recently, gonna look into finding the manga and reading that too.
    Well, what do you expect from a Treyarch game? Good hit detection? :troll:

    I hope the improved theatre system in MW3 is good and will let you upload full game plays to your YT channel unlike Black Ops. (Consoles are capable of doing that.)
    Is the hit detection in WaW really that bad?

    And cool, you have a PVR, right?
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