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  • ...derp. You're right. I hate calendars.

    Anyways, how you been lately, man? You're never on XBL anymore. :c
    Yeah, I'm glad they fixed that. Seemed kinda silly in the previous games. Oh yeah, in case you wanted to know, Gears 3 is great! It's the best game in the series! :)
    I actually got the game yesterday, it's superior to Gears 2 in every way possible IMO. ^^
    There is no "host" when you play a game with dedicated servers. o-o

    (Well, technically there is, if you count the actual game servers which the company is hosting. It gives no one "host advantage" and is infinitely better than what most games use these days: P2P = Peer to peer.) :urg:
    It's SO OBVIOUS that they can't afford dedicated servers, like, it's not like each new CoD game in the series breaks records and the price of map packs hasn't increased to $15 netting them millions of dollars in profit. Oh wai-
    I wish they'd go back to the two year release cycle, then they'd be able to put out betas and make/polish the games better.
    I was never into sports or driving games, before the 360, I used to play a lot of different genres such as: platformers, adventure and RPG but since my attention span is too low these days, I have to play shooters to get my daily fix. :p
    lol sports games. I once played this NHL game over at a friend's house and for the whole time playing, I just got into fights and owned him. xD
    Who doesn't? All I've been playing for the past 4 years has been shooters...I need to start playing non-shooting games one of these days...but I love mah Haloz and Call of DUTTTYYYYYYYY gamez. :p
    I didn't mean you, I meant those 12 year old kids you hear on XBL.
    Agreed, I really don't see any point in playing a Gears game if you disable that stuff. But again, you're probably a kid who's legally not allowed to buy the game if you're offended by that kind of stuff. :p

    Ah, I see. Don't buy any Microsoft peripherals, they're over-priced and break down easily/quickly. Like, I've been through TWO official M$ headsets and right now, I'm using my turtlebeaches to play.
    Move the TV upstairs to your room, close the door and play the game. Kinda hypocritical if they're cool with you playing CoD (A 'M' rated game) and you think they'll be uneasy when you play Gears of War 3. (Another 'M' rated game) =/ (I started playing violent video games as a kid with Goldeneye 007 (Rated 'T') on the N64) :awesome:

    You can disable the swearing anyways. Dunno about the blood.
    Your parents actually care which games you play? How old are you again?

    Can you record something for me when you get the chance?For the swf channel.Don't have my PVR with me and won't for a while :(
    Life is pretty good man, I'm keeping myself pretty busy at home and still applying to jobs. You have Gears 3 yet?
    very tempted to go, but I can't its my bday and my folks have something planned. At least I don't know if they would be ok with me going somewhere on my bday. I'll ask my parents first and see what they think. :luigi:
    ok we need to be online at the same time so I can send the replay to you.
    The 4th torpedo and the torpedo after the first time I cyclone up are how the safe landings look like. Nvm I sent it. Tell me if you don't get the replay.
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