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  • hey larry thanks for all the practice i'm playing much better thanks to you :)

    good luck at MLG!
    REALLY?!?!?! ill let you into all events for FREE. Its not that you cant afford it or that you wont win money, its a happy birthday present!
    wasup larry this kingtoon. givin u a shoutout. lol thanks for all the falco practice. im ****** falcos now. see u at DC if u goin.
    good luck this weekend <333. you are either gonna play tearbear or adhd (since both tied for seed 9 but one of them will get chosen randomly for seed 9) before quarters. winner of that plays m2k in quarters. you got this!!
    hey dehf, i believe i have a ride that can get you Wednesday but he would not be able to take u back to the airport the next Tuesday :(

    contact me if u found other accommodations. I will continue to see what i can do.
    Larry! Sorry for being late and stuff buuuut,

    Congrats on winning Apex!! :3

    Didn't hear about the it until I think yesterday. K0rean made a thread and stuff. I heard you took down M2K. X3

    But yeah. Congrats!
    hey man. your falco is smooth and i wanted to know if we could play sometime since im triying to get mine to be good 2. thanks
    Hm... True. I can't come up with a good reason for why that is. Ganon's just a little bit special. Then, Falcon's manliness helps him go up the tier list...

    ...And so, Snake came along and Falcon developed an inferiority complex which made his manly levels drop. That's teh real reason why he's low tier. :3
    Weeeell, if you can't play Peach, play Daisy instead! Everything's like 90:10 in her favor anyway. XD

    You know how brawl is with clones... The original is always worst than their similar counterparts.

    Falco > Fox/Wolf (sorry Wolf. First to strike, first to win)
    Tink > Link
    Lucario > Mewtwo (lol why not? There's a hack for him anyway)

    Yeah, alot of these are wrong, but for the most part, they're similar. :3
    lol I wished. She uses Marth, Ness, and sometimes Snake or MK.

    That reminds me, do you play alot of Snakes? You were good with him. I was like "Holy crap, 6th best in the nation, best Falco and he can play Snake!? Snake's friggin' hard to use! At least he isn't using MK lol."

    Yeah. I wanted to see one of the best players out there to play Snake with my and my bro's favorite color. Would of asked for Peach, but then I'd probably see some epic shenanigens I wish I could copy that I can't unsee. X3
    Thanks! Kevin's said he'll help me with Peach and with being the best female brawler in Hawaii... Even though I only know one other chick. And she's reeeeeeally good. LT told me that she almost took down one of the best players in his crew. I forgot his name though.

    Next time you come here, you should play her. :3
    Larry! Come visit us again soon! <3

    I was kinda suprised at how mellow and nice you were since, you know, some of the better players are elitists and stuff. Then again, I don't know much about top players except that they're good... ^^;

    Yeah. Came by to say hi and tell you that Falco is my sub. For reals. X3
    Hey Larry <3 My brother Nairo really wants to team with you for apex. let me know if you're available since we're registering soon.
    Larry would you want to try teaming for apex? Marth and Mk with your falco?

    I no longer have a teammate :(
    Hey, I heard you're going to the Hawaii tournament. I was thinking about going but I won't know for sure until after this weekend. Wonderin if you wanted to team?
    goodluck @ MLG! You are one of my favorite Brawl players and your matches are always entertaining to watch. How can I get up to your level or what is the best way to improve one's skill level in your opinion?
    Have you figured out where you're gonna stay? I think we're going to stay at a hotel, because either no one has room or there's hardly any people that live in the area that can house us.
    Larry, is there a particular thread SoCal Brawlers go to arrange Smashfests and tournaments? I'm gonna be living in Los Angeles this summer and am having a difficult time finding any Brawl-related SoCal threads.
    Hey man, I'm switching mains from Marth to Falco, getting tired of losing to MK = S Maybe you can send me some matchup pointers when you have time, thanks bro.
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