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  • Hey Bobby, could you update the eSportsHI Smash Series 0? I just made a smashboards account and the user dren is not me :x Thanks!
    Grats on backroom! Real late I know.

    Last I recall, you had a relative that was going through some health issues. Either a father or uncle, my memory is fading. I hope everything turned out well for you.
    Ok, then I'll save these awesome cookies for when you decide to join in.

    You know you could play at decisive games too, I'll probably eventually organize another newbie game.
    After months of a lot going on in my life, I've haven't had much time to stay active in general online. I still have stuff going on, but not as much. I'm so rusty in Brawl now, and feel like I need to practice a lot to unrust and improve. I also attended my first tournament too... a local one a few hours away from my city. Players like Ultimate Razer and Neon were there. It was great fun ^^

    Hope you've been doing okay. I know you've been playing other games lately too. I can't wait to see your latest Zelda vids. I hope Chad, Matt, and your other smash friends have been doing well too. Haven't heard from you guys in awhile ;o
    Bobby! I miss your Zelda man! You still playing these days? I learned so much from you and Ryoko so I just wanted to say thanks for helping me get this far with Zelda!

    p.s. Need moar vidz!
    I mean, if it's a crazy ending I welcome it. I've read some manga where the ending was just so out there that people hated it, but I really enjoyed it.

    I'll be sure to tell you though~
    I've been trying to watch One Piece....and I got tired of it after Water 7. All the fans say it's still good but I just lose the interest!

    I like Eva so far though. :)
    I've been trying to get into Anime a little more tbh. I have a hard time because they're just so darn long. ;/
    I've just started to get into it and I must say, I like it. You've got good taste bro. :)
    want to teach me how to buffer better next time?
    i want to make a thread on visual cues on when you can buffer another input for olimar.
    i can bdacus! yay! thanks to darkmusician

    Lol Bobby, how'd you get so many referrals? I mean, you have more than Chad and he's a troll. lol XD

    Boardeeeer liinnnne teeeeeemp baaaaaan! <3
    lol, yeah i'm kind of bored. i'm glad someone made a thread in the tactical discussion about thinking, lots of good stuff i need to try and apply.
    Reupload your avatar, my friend. x.o

    Blank box makes you look like a nub, purple name or not!
    Welcome to the BBR. :)
    I've been recommending you since the very first day I was admitted. Glad you finally made it.

    And you possibly don't know me. Don't worry, just another creep. :D
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