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  • Eep, I'm so sorry about disappearing for the past few days! Family, Christmas, you know. Hey, let's go to a tournament soon though, yeah? <3
    Ooh, yay! I'd love to go to a tournament with you guys!

    How did your tournament go? With Gambol, right? :]
    Ooh, good find, Rock!

    Hm, that would be about sixteen hours worth of driving for me in a single day if I managed to pull that off, but we'll see! <3
    When you visit me, silly! <3

    Um, how about sometime between now and next weekend? I was going to repair the controllers tonight anyway, and we should definitely hang out soon! <3
    Yeah, you need to be a little careful with trolling here, but gosh, I really can't emphasize it enough how cool it is to see you post here.

    Oh, by the way, what's this I hear about all four Temecula boys going to a tournament tomorrow? <3
    Ooh, well, I have to admit that I absolutely love seeing you here, Rock. That is the absolute truth. With you here on All is Brawl, and Jamez on Facebook, life has never been so good. <3
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