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  • Didn't mean to post that, I accidently hit enter D:< Anyways, My internet is horrible but I'll definitely hit you up when I'm at Eon's house sometime. We play wifi sometimes.
    Nice to hear that. I've Been training for a while as well. I don't play wifi anymore unfortunately sorry man And LOL Ant? I wrote his ass of the list a while back.
    Thanks :)

    Hard to tell since there are even more people who will be there and capable to win. I can be everyone including 9b if I play well enough. Me winning will depend on how well I'm playing and/or how lucky I get.
    LOL, I'm not rusty, if anything I'm just a very inconsistent player xD

    I don't know the next tournament I'll be at. It could be a SoCal tournament or Apex.

    Never seen a TL and Falco play in doubles together, but I think it could work as long as they get in the way of the other's camping.

    Falco should be played more close range in doubles using a lot of jabs and trying to set up a lot of things for his partner.

    Don't worry about it ask away lol. I don't mind helping people who want to get better improve.
    Thanks for the compliment :D

    I don't practice bdacus as much as I use to, but when I did I would go into training mode for at least a few hours every 2-3 days in order to make sure I had the timing down. You have to practice the timing of doing it, there's no other way to do it. Remember that you have to put the input for the bdacus within the last 10 frames of the move you're trying to do it out of.

    I use default control settings.

    The match up is pretty long to explain, but a really simple summary is Falco racks up damage on Snake pretty easily through his juggling and edge guarding. Snake can live to extremely high %s and kills Falco really early. The match up is pretty even in my opinion, one thing you need to practice in order for Snake not to be too hard for you is juggling. You should watch SLS' matches vs Snake since he has the most recent matches of a top Falco player fighting a Snake player and he's very good at the match up.
    changing your tag isn't such a good idea if you want people to recognize you. And yeah lets go on freeplay and practice it, this friday I'm going to a smashfest [offline] so I might get some good ones there too.
    no its not that, whenever I click on the home page it says "welcome to nginx!" and thats it. And sometimes it does other weird stuff.
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