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  • o my bad please forgime for not ask it this around a mouth so how are you platomaker ?
    looking to improve my ness, lucas, PT, kirby, and falco! hit me up for a match! i just changed my router so everything so work out fine now.
    There is hope for you yet.

    Environmental hazards are OK as long as the stage itself doesn't overly centralize the game around the hazards (making it fighting the stage instead of each other) or if they're just random and way too strong (Icicle Mountain in Melee, random scrolling and sometimes just too fast, also, you were fighting the stage).
    would you stop pms-ing already?
    you've never been to a tournament. you've never been to a tournament. lalalalala. is all I'm hearing. I've never been in a tournament but i grasp the rules as for the details, excuse me if i never found it. sorry if your cramps got you down, but don't take it out on me.
    You do not know anything about tournaments (you've never been to one). You do not know how tournament Smash and tournament videogaming works (you've never been to one and I doubt you've read up on the subject). You do not know how Final Smashes work (because then you'd know some of them are just too good and would over-centralize the game). You do not even know in what way they favor the loser in such a way that it is unacceptable.

    This means that you do not possess the necessary knowledge to form an informed opinion and coherent argument. Before debating something, I suggest you educate yourself in the matter. And also, do not try to change the ways of a group you are not a member of and will most probably never become a member of.

    Why were Smash Balls banned in Competitive gaming? We had our reasons. You clearly do not know these reasons and just assumed a hell of a let about them. You then assumed you knew everything there is to know about Smash Balls and that we were wrong in banning them (or at least banning them and not D3's infinites).

    When I then told you why you were wrong, the information I fed you was so above you you didn't understand it, even though you would if you had really studied the game and/or Smash Balls.

    And you are still arguing as if you are correct. No, you are not. The logic employed to ban Smash Balls cannot be employed to ban D3's infinite!
    You've never even been to a tournament. What could you possibly have to contribute to the Competitive community if you've never even attempted to join us? Why would you even debate how the Competitive community should be shaped?!
    No, that is not the unacceptable way Final Smashes favor the loser. Because Competitive Brawl is played with 3 stocks. You have to behind with 4 or 5 (or possibly 6) stocks to respawn with a Final Smash, so it's a moot point. It is something else entirely.

    All of my points are valid. You're just to ignorant about how Smash and Competitive gaming works to realize it.

    Both of those things are being debated because people with very little knowledge, such as yourself, like to whine. Meta Knight isn't even S rank!

    With Final Smashes on, there'd be 3 or so characters in S rank and everyone else would be in B rank. It would be "Play as these 3 or stand no chance".
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