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Sensei Seibrik
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  • A Combo Video.

    I'm trying to get all top players and your invited :)

    but tbh I'm not leaving any Top Players out. They just gotta hit me up. So you down or what?
    Yes, its me, that weird mk player. :D
    Do you have aim? If so, you should add me! Aim is kassandranova.
    I have more mk questions and such. ;3
    Yo Seibrik. I'm making a CV for the holidays and I'm trying to get nothing but Top players in it. You down?
    Hey. :O I know that it has been a while since SIEGE, but do you remember any noticeable holes/ habits in my playstyle?
    hey seibrik now you know why i said you'd get more practice from my brothers instead of fighting me lol.

    i'm mad i didn't get to see the whole set with you and adam, esam made me fight R@vyn! arg!
    do you know if you and any other top ppl from SFL are coming? I'd like to know so i can put you in the thread title and see if we can't hype it up a bit more before the tourmanet

    vs Ocean (ROB) - 2/20/10

    vs RAIN (Falco) - 3/20/10

    vs 9B (DDD) - 3/22/10

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54aOUV45JJQ (Earth vs Masa-pittos)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3x2n32k4REA&feature=related -Akira

    vs Akira (Meta Knight) - 8/24/10

    Masashi(Pit) vs Hiko(Snake)- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZEPrOzUNHU

    Just try checking out a few, especially the newer vids vs Akira's MK. I know some have a hard time, even myself, but when I see Masashi play and hear thoughts of other top players on this character, I see what he is capable of.

    I feel ****ty from today's session. >_>

    I feel like I wasted your time with my other characters, even though I said in my last post I wouldn't use any... so I'm REALLY going all MK on you until I start traveling (that way I actually have an incentive to use other characters other than just for fun)

    I know I can play better than today, I don't want to give you crappy training whenever you bother to drive to my place. I just wasn't feeling very well about it today for some reason. Next time I'm gonna play much better than that and not be so absent-minded in our matches. I know I'm kinda rusty, but still.

    I know a bunch of **** to fix up and improve on. I look forward to the next time we play, and I promise to give you good practice.

    (And when I start playing other characters, I'm going to just focus on one for now. Playing 50000 characters at once isn't gonna do any good for me)

    Let me know if you plan any training sessions at your place. I would like to play some offline matches with someone, lol (and I promise not to use my garb Snake in seriouslies with you... until I start traveling haha)

    Speaking of which, in case you're just wondering when the frook I'm getting my car and traveling, if things go well I should have a car by my birthday. If not, well I'm getting one around winter anyway cuz I need it by the second semester for Miami-Dade since no one can drive me there (I'm doing online classes for my first). Right now my family is doing a lot of planning for both my sister and I as far as school goes, and I'm already checking out the written test for a permit this week.
    true true. i hate dittos.. i usually lose everytime but i'm able to beat everyone that rob cannot beat. O_O

    but yeash i will definetely be at the next ZP that ESAM hosts.. and hopefully we can get in some matchez before singles..
    oh.. cuz i didnt see it say ZP in his thread.. but thats good to know.. but yeash reguardless we arent going.. sad to say.. They said they want a break (its only been 2 tourneys in the past two weekends).. D=

    also i would really like to see you fight my brother. (not MM) lol he really wanted to fight you but he hates MM's. Afro said that you should fight him at ZP.. then you asked to MM and he said no.. XD LMAO! he prob has the best snake in FL... (IMO, not overexaggeration) he beat MVD in almost all of the dittos they had.. but besides HRnut idk.. either the best or second best.. who knows..
    oh are you talking about R@ven's monthlies thingy??

    were most likely not going to that.. but it is very close to our house like ZP iz. O_O

    decisions decisions.. GAH i wish i had a liscense. But yes if you're free at any time of ze tourney, if i go.. we are fighting.
    lol thanks! ^_^

    i was really happy i got to fight you. i love fighting MK's.

    well anyway thanks. And lol at it being a 1 dollar MM. XD
    U wanted a PM from me? Its not that long n da girl deleted her facebok so u can't see her... It'z caused quite the commotion. I'l fwd u i jus PM me ur email
    AHHH KEWL! =3

    K, i'll see ya there budz. you're probably going to be raided but i'd like to friendlie you there if you have any free time. lol
    What's up Seibrik?

    Do you remember playing Danny/cdoc? He was an awesome Pit, and is my new inspiration! If you remember how he played, can you tell me? because I'm trying to get my Pit to new level.
    And regarding inhale releasing, I'm assuming we're buffering shield to avoid spitting them out too. So, the way you're doing it is just mashing L or R and waiting for it to happen? The shielding doesn't seem to work
    Quick question from what I'm predicting here lol. Does your new thread, meaning the whole description of what's come OR the video.... has anything to do with improvements with our down air?
    How does the invincibility on uptilt work exactly? Would it be possible to shield/spot dodge/buffer uptilt while being pressured by tornado?
    btw im just wondering, were u sandbagging in the matches at winterfest? (i was the ganon player in the pools)
    IC.. im just wondering cuz since your said to be the best in FL, (REPRESENTIN'!!!!!) i was just wondering how you've gotten so good. thats all. ^_^
    Florida's best.... hey dude, what's the next tourney you going to? I'll see if I can make it there too.
    Thanks for the great weekend bro! That was cool of you to invite me over and stuff. Good **** beating skarch and in teams. Nicabrik and seiboy will prevail next time! Maybe we can play the next time you wanna play melee or whatever. You could have gotten 3rd in singles but then i again so could off blea uuaa and me. What ever your too good!
    I don't mean to hurry you up or anything, but under what YouTube account are you gonna upload the videos you took @ P4? I wanna see mine and figure out what my biggest mistakes were whenever you decide on uploading them.
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