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  • Hey!
    What controller do you use? Just curious, wanted to see if you use wiimote + nunchuck to be able to do DITCIT forward easier ^_^

    If you do use those, what scheme are you using?

    Also, good job in MLG! Really showing the world that mega man is a threat!
    I do use a wii chuk, but I've been using wiichuks since brawl. I don't actually use it BECAUSE of the forward DITCIT. Imo. Wii chuk only makes it easier to do the upward DITCIT; the forward version is just as hard on any controller.
    Oh, and could you guys bring some extra GC controllers? TGK left his at his house.
    Alright, cool :O What time might we catch you guys? 12:00 Seems like the earliest I could have people over.
    You and Neo interested in coming over this upcoming Saturday? I'm expecting about 6 people, setups and such have been arranged.
    Do you think I'd be able to join you guys on the ride to Salt? Miles told me that he'd be busy OoS with family all of Spring Break, so he couldn't go (his dad normally drives us).
    That should be cool. Someone might need to bring a Wii. My mom has mine with her, and she hasn't made it back yet D: Sorry for the late notice, but do you think you could bring yours? I could ask Scatz since he's expecting to be here earlier. No need, nvm.
    Any time after 4:00 or so would be good. Scatz is going, and he said he might bring Alby. I'm having another friend over, to, and I'll have to go and get him (not Miles).
    Alright, it's cool with you guys on coming over. What time are you guys intent on arriving?
    I'll have to see. My mom has been out for work matters since Tuesday, and I haven't seen her since. My sister said she was supposed to be here today, so I'll check with her. Miles has to be with his mom this weekend since she's back in town, so he won't be able to show up. It'd be good if we had interest, so you can ask anyone you know, sure. Although I don't want to expect too many people over, since the play room isn't too big.

    She's likely to say yes, but I'll ask for confirmation.
    Hey Scatt, do you think your mom would be all right with me coming over tomorrow? My mom is able to drive me now, so it would be a good chance for them to meet during the trip.
    Wanted to do something this weekend besides Wifi.
    GGs! Really helped me in a lot of MUs with Ike. :D
    I'll see about the Athens tourney, but i was hesitant because i'm lacking detail D: I don't know where the venue is.
    That's alright. If you're able to, i'm ready whenever. Also, if you need a ride, i can do that, provided you get permission from your mom.
    Thanks for having me over :D Sorry i seemed a bit toned down after the first few games, though. Tell your mom i said thanks again, and if you ever want me over, or you want to hang out, i'm free.
    Okay, i'll go today, is it alright if i leave out sometime soon?

    Edit: David wants me to check schedule, so i'll call.

    Edit2: You busy? Nobody answered. I'll go in a while, if you need to contact me, call 770 823 8275
    Do you think your dad could drive me back?
    Alright, mom has a lot to do today, and I just got back from staying the night with a friend. She told me that she has to tale the rental in tomorrow at around 9:00 AM, so what do you think the earliest I can go would be? If you've received confirmation, of course.
    Cool, can do. Tell me when your mom wants to converse, I still have your number. Just call when she oblidges to confrence.
    I wanted to check to see if you were booked this weekend. If your parents didn't mind, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out a bit, Smash a little :D
    yes i'm sorry about not getting it up; my laptop broke and i had to get a new one. by the time i got a new one, i recorded RoM 3 vids
    Aiyyo I got the vids up and when are we going to each other's houses so we can get some practice in.
    Good stuff man, 3 stocking on TGK was too legit. I lost out using low tier :( Need to find a good high tier secondary. Great fun nonetheless. Oh, and tell your dad thanks for the dive :)
    Do you have room in your car to carpool? I would be able to go to SIEGE if you do. My mom could drive me over there, but other than that, i don't see any way to make it :(
    If you are able to, please call this number: 404-537-8868
    Hopefully i didn't miss you.

    Edit: If that doesn't work, call: 678-237-5004
    Alright, i'm confirmed for SIEGE, and i've got a ride. You, LQ, and Neo all set? I can help out with almost anything that could be a potential setback.
    I'll try to make that an option :)
    My friend just said he may have room in his car to take me, but if not, i'll check back with you on your instance.
    Heya Scatt, i was wondering, are you attending AWA? I saw that you were in Lithonia, and i was wondering if i could carpool with you? If you're attending.
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