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  • I Farore's a lot so I sometimes I do it place or aim it slightly downward to only move a little bit. He though I was using it to get closer to him so he charged a Fsmash. I ledgewarped and lightning kicked him from behind.
    yooooo sup dawg... just won 1st out of 19 on a local super scrub tourney. only had a few good people there. gonna go to another tourney tomrrow then on sunday so im festing on these tourneys here in NY haha xD
    Snake vs Zelda=Snake *****. Going Sheik only changes the odds of winning on paper. I wouldn't be any more scared of a Sheik than a Zelda when playing someone with Snake.

    Don't think in terms of counter picking. Think in terms of out playing/out smarting. Counters are only as good as the player controlling the character so if it isn't your best you'll still get wrecked anyway.
    Yeah hopefully that character combo works out well. We already have some solid combos set up but it's all about the synchronization throughout the entire match. That is the determining factor most of the time. For Melee, I'm teaming with a skilled player from Canada whom I have yet to meet in person, so that makes it a little exciting to be teaming on the fly like that. The higher tiers in Brawl are going to be tough to deal with, but some of the attributes that place those characters so high are slightly diminished in doubles play, save for Metaknight. Who knows how things will turn out, but we'll definitely give it our all.
    Oh no problem about the questions, lol. Yeah I'm going to Genesis, it will be my second huge out of state tournament, the other being FCD a couple years ago; but California is a lot further. My partner is Omni, a really skilled Pikachu mainer from the Midwest, second to none but Anther himself, and we make an amazing team so hopefully we place well. As for me, I main Peach in both Melee and Brawl and I'll be doing singles and doubles for both games. I'm not sure if I'll place anything special with the immense level of prime competition there for both games, but I'm a very polished player and I'll certainly give it my best. My subs are Lucario in Brawl and I sub both space animals and Falcon in Melee. So yeah, I bet it will be amazing and I'm looking forward to having lots of fun over there. Thanks for the questions, it was my pleasure to answer them for you. I'll try to do the Peach community proud. ^.^
    Hey thanks, I used her twice in my set against D1, and once against my brother (but that didn't go well -_-). I SHOULD have used Zelda on ADHD, but I'll have to wait till next time for that. I used them in some important matches in teams, and one of them I went all Zelda (I really like using her on Castle Siege). I think Zelda by herself is awesome in teams btw
    Nah, philosophy. I'm only here because they gave me a scholarship. I wish I could sing, though >.>
    Wolf vs mk is not too good for me. mk gimps wolf really easily. As for a secondary im not yet decided. I play mk pretty well (but everybody does), but i was thinking about someone along the lines of kirby or falco. Most likely kirby cause im decent with him.
    Lol yeah I don't know much about tourneys and all yet. I just figure that ill go to one and learn how everything is, then go back later to attempt to win. Yes wolf does need secondaries especially since he is really bad against high tiers (DDD :( ) . I figure that ill learn mk also, and maybe a few others. I think that I do adapt fairly well, because generally if I lose my first match against someone, ill come back and 2 or 3 stock them. Good luck on reaching the top!
    You don't need to predict in Brawl so much. It's playing safe mostly. Zelda's movement is really limited, so I don't know how safe she can be.

    Compare your options with each of your opposing character's. That's what I do. For example, Meta Knight. His options are dashing into shield, dashgrabbing, Fair, Ftilt. Dtilt isn't as important because if you watch for Ftilt, Dtilt is less likely to hit anyway (range difference). Same with grounded Shuttle Loop. I play Fox on MK.

    What I do against that specific character, is full hopping. It's safe on MK's walking, dashing and short-hop approaches, and if he decides to do an approach, Fox can fast-fall quickly enough to punish with a Dair (fastest faller in the game, this is an advantage). Dashing and shielding as Fox is quicker than as MK, so I abuse that also. Dash, shield, grab.

    If they shield, I can stall them out with my air-jump, and footstool shields also to allow even more stalling. A bit of stalling deteriorates a shield enough for Dair to shield-poke. Short-hop bair beats impatient Dsmash approaches/KO attempts since it hits above Dsmash's hitbox.

    Notice your opponent's options. During matches, once you have practice, you can start noticing your opponent's tendencies to do some things more than others.

    The most important thing is being safe and being patient. I've never seen Zelda win. So go ahead...I also recommend playing 2 or 3 characters. It doesn't matter much which ones, but it just makes you cooler and allows counterpicks. I go MK+Fox, as I stated.
    Spacing is a must. Pit has decent range. If you can't take advantage of it, there's no point in having it. Arrow control helps. You can learn sum arrow tricksies if you want but you don't need them. Also, zone ppl to the air. Pit's better then most characters there. Keep them in the air and rack up damage with ur aerials. Then use your smashes to put them to the edge and edgeguard. Spacing and edgeguarding are probably the 2 things you really need to know to play Pit well.

    As for predicting, play alot of characters and study frame data. If you know what your opponent's character is capable of doing in certain situations, you'll have a better chance of predicting them. Then watch for player habits. If someone rolls or spotdodges too much, punish them for it.

    As for tournament mindset, just go in with a goal and try to achieve it. Relax and stay confident in your own capabilities. And LEARN! If you didn't learn something to help your game after going to a tournament, you might as well not have gone.

    Wow this is long lol. Hope it helped! And good luck =]
    thanks :D umm. send me some videos of your peach. this way, i can give more specific and helpful advice. ^_^
    Beating DSF doesn't feel like anything. I just tried to be good. Try to be good. And try to be better than the best person around. If you play Meta Knight, I can give you advice.
    i honestly don't know. The way things look right now I may not be able to travel at all because both of my parents are retired and I have to pay for alot of things on my own now. Plus I may have to donate to out of state players coming for the HSI 2009 in July. My summer is very uncertain as of right now.
    I know, I can't wait ^___^ You seem very busy with all of that stuff, be sure to take it easy and take you're time okay. You're dad is gonna miss your birthday, isn't he? :(
    Ahah true for Genesis, maybe some of us can go there, but that will be a bit hard ^^'
    We'll see, but i will definitly try to convince some players ;)
    I'd simply love to go to more tournaments than I've been able to, but between the work load of college, work, and the attempts to find a new source of transportation and now a computer(I'm in a school computer lab right now), I don't see it happening anytime soon. I'm not that amazing, really, though thank you very much for the compliment. It means a lot to me. ^_^

    In terms of observation, I find that experience is what helps me the most. Sometimes I just keep on hitting the brick wall, especially in friendlies. If I notice something isn't working, sometimes I'll just do it again to try and see/understand why, so I can learn to avoid that situation as best as I can. As a Peach player, I try and utilize her unique movements and physics as best as I can to try and make someone make a move I know I can punish. Try and play as much as you can to learn these things, and if you lose early in a tournament, don't worry too much about it. Take that time for yourself and challenge as many people as you possibly can. You'll find that you'll grow a lot faster, and before you know it you'll unconsciously be making adjustments as the match goes.

    The most important thing, though, is just having fun. I can't stress that enough. If you aren't having fun, then playing is just a chore, and really SSB in any of its versions is just a game. Try to keep your chin up, even if you have a lot of Meta-knights and Snakes to go through. ^_^
    Yeah, I hope I do well.

    And, yes, I plan on playing in the Low Tier tournament with Pokemon Trainer (and maybe a bit a Samus).
    Yeah, a lot of smashers from Puerto Rico are going to DBR Genesis. :D

    About observation, just look at your opponents and try to predict what they will do (of course, predicting what's right comes with a lot of experience). Just play defensively (as Zelda should be played) and make the opponents attack you first, then do the right decision (shield, roll, spotdodge, jump, etc.) and punish accordingly.

    Btw Zelda was my first main character when the game came out. xD
    There isn't much to do in Maryland besides hanging out with friends or being involved in after school stuff.

    My resolution is to do my best at whatever I do.

    Besides playing games, I draw or write stories

    My finals are in two or three weeks, I don't study either. I can remember stuff easily:)
    Sorry, but I hate sports and anything that has something to do with school. I just don't like them, I don't know why. You said something about AIM, when are you getting on?
    ..a well maybe just need to practice more and have a something to inspire you
    ..a well im actually in the university im in the last days of vacations and you ?
    ..well is sometomes that happen but i see more funnies and happy things than the bad and like the brawl is a very good part of my life
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