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  • who are u thinking of trying? lol I'm sorry but if u play wolf & want a fast char, ZSS may be right for you, she will take a while to learn like Peach, but if u have ever seen the best ZSS then u would know what I mean.
    @ first u won't because she's kind of hard to use in the beginning, but if u stick w/ her, trust me u will see fantastic results & all your hard work will pay off. Try her again, but if u don't get a good feel after a while try Zelda ^_^. She's my main & amazing @ KOing, its just that Peach is an imagination character, there is no good way to play her, she has a plethora of moves, can adapt to any character, just loses to MK & Falco. How is Wolf vs. MK?
    Goodluck w/ winning a major tourney. I haven't been to a tourney yet either, but you have to really know your stuff about tourneys, counterpicks, exp., & just observing/adapting to your opponent. If your talking about taking over Cali tournies, that will be tough work w/ Wolf, but possible. Make sure to have a secondary, if Wolf needs one, what are his bad matchups?

    We share the same dreams though lol, but I use Zelda, tough work but I also use Ness, Peach, just started on Pit, & I think I'll try Lucario/Falco/Pika, & learn MK so I will know how to fight him.

    where do u live? yeah & sorry for the random shoutout, but I saw on the wolf boards that you want to win, & so do I lol
    ahh i see. dang so i guess my username is used by other people too. >_>....im gonna have to brawl ya for it :p
    my friend makes usernames everywhere using mine (mith) because hes too lazy to make his own. i thought u were him.
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