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  • ..a really thanks ..i live in nogales sonora mexico and well how are you?
    Hm... I'll have to keep that in mind. I don't know if I'll be able to go, though, because soon enough will be my graduation from college and a big big move for me. On top of that, I do have a part time job that's keeping my money from going down REALLY quickly, so don't count on it for me to be there. Sorry...
    Hey many thanks for the invitation. That really sounds interesting. I would like to see more details so I can check things out and see if I can go there. I'd really love to get back to the states to compete. I'll do what I can with humble Peach. ^^
    Very interesting ! I will definitly take a look at this ^^

    Also... Merry Christmas ! ;D
    Oh man thanks for the notice. My teammate is in WT (wtBug). I'll tell him about it!
    I know man, I can't wait for Christmas either. Progress report grades have already been sent in so I'm happy as I'll get it during the break. I got a 3.62 as my gpa. I already have an AIM account already.
    Oh $Bone$, I saw his page and I'm thinking about talking to him about our birthdays. Also what time is it where you live(we all live in different places with different timezones)?
    Wow, we really are alike because we even have the same interests(except that I didn't put computers). I have a feeling that we're going to be good friends:)
    My birthday is on the 22nd I just kinda put the 20 on accident lol. I play as Zelda, Peach, and Kirby. You want to be friends?
    Hello, I noticed that you and I have the same birthdays. Its so awesome, its not everyday that you meet people with the same birthdays. Also its a pleasure to meet you!
    yeah, i go as Jlo, but all those vids are crappy, i don't have any vids of my peach recently, just noob vids of when i first started playing her.
    hey man, srry i didnt answer ur question right away.

    insta-floating or groundfloat or whatever u chose to call it. all u need to do as jump hold the jump button and hold down on the control stick.

    hope i explained it well :)
    Oh man, accidentally posted the thing on my message board. Anyway, I agree with that to a certain degree, Olimar is my main cause I Just like him. But I do believe that certain characters are just better than others, so I would use Wolf in tournaments if I were you, but thats just me:p I added you as a friend on allisbrawl. How do you get that thing below groups that shows your brawl characters?;_;
    I can't really think of much to improve on for you, I definitely didn't expect Zelda to be that good xD I'm sure if you played a higher tier character you would have beat me. The games would be a lot better if we weren't playing online too.
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