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  • well, for me its a lot about trying to play fast and get in close without getting punished whether that be by coming in from the air or shield dashing towards them. A lot of what i do revolves around pivoting, shield dashing, grabbing, and jab to tilt to aerial combos. If i can't get near them then i jump around in such a way as to trick them into approaching and then punishing with the appropriate move. hope that helps

    Well, I'd say Melee is what helped me most to become technical, so it really didn't take long to be so in Brawl. And if you plan on maining Peach, welcome aboard. ^^

    I actually try stuff on friendlies and if I found them useful I try to incorporate them into my game. And I use C-Stick for glide toss. It's better since you control the direction you want to throw the turnip easier.
    Sorry for the late response but I don't have access to the net right now 'cuz my laptop is temporarily dead. But I think the groups are good the way they are, I'll try to contribute what I can but I'm usually really busy so my contributions will be sparse for the most part! Nice job organizing it.
    At the moment, we don't do much, but generally, we look into the mechanics of the game.
    haha, of course i'm down man. it'll be a fun way to kill some time and i'll possibly be able to help some people out
    I was really not hooked or egar to be the leader of this boot camp. I thought you was gonna take care of that. But if you want me to then I'll do it.
    sup :) ... yah i went... i got 5th ... i lost to lain in winners semis and then lost to judge in losers bracket :(
    My goals really are just to do my best at what ever I do and never half a** anything. Let alone prove to people when there's a will, there's a way.
    It's so and so, I at least get the top 10 or 25 in the past tournaments I've been at. However I know I can do a lot better than that now.
    It's kinda both of those things. I am pretty good at fighting games, but I have been playing smash since day 1. However, I didn't join the competitive scene until smash bros brawl.

    That, and I enjoy the cartoon series of Star Fox and enjoy playing as Fox Mcloud ^^;
    **** is a sin against the lord. rofl I don't really play Brawl in tournament anymore. I use Chun Li in SF4 tho.
    Keep him far away with needles and chain. Chain camp. Chain camp hard and insistently. Get good at it cuz you can theoretically beat anything he can do if you have the lead. For oos, nair is fine if he's in range, otherwise just get out of the situation by fairing backwards or rolling back.

    Switch up your recovery angles because mk can gimp you with dair. He has a better recovery than you which means you're bait, whatever you do he can punish. The two I like to use are to go really low from where I'm sent, then straight to the ledge in a big V shape. Another one is to aim for directly under the ledge then double jump and up b -- you'd be surprised how low Sheik can go. If you're close enough, you can even go beneath the ledge, double jump and sweet spot with your up before vanishing -- if you're just short of the ledge, you can still aim for the stage and land there. Recover high sometimes and aim for lagless landings or platforms. If you are sent high and close to the stage, teleport downward sometimes. Needles can be distracting. Don't be afraid to fight back on your way to the stage, but don't get carried away as sometimes you can just avoid him completely by fast falling, moving backwards, or vanishing. Chain recovery is good if you can do it quickly enough, but he can react to you if he's already near the ledge.
    My first tourney was Game Over a long time ago (the back of my head is in a video :D) and since then, I've only attended a couple held at UMBC. I'm not tournament hardcore (the whole traveling thing I never liked after Game Over lol) and I don't remember what I got in melee tournaments (never won, or top5, usually listed halfway or a little higher than that) and I've never played in a brawl tourney yet~

    I mostly (and when I say mostly, I mean almost exclusively) play my little brother. Sounds kind of lame, but it is good when all he does is copy what I do, so they I have to fight against my own ever-evolving playstyle. It kind of cements it because I know where the holes are (because he mimics everything I do, and I have to find the holes in my game as he basically plays a copy of me.) So over time, it improves as I have to keep playing safer and safer.

    Specifically for Peach, I'd go ahead and read all of my posts (because I cant remember everything) since I rediscovered how to log in :p Those posts would be for brawl, as all the earlier ones were melee. The most important thing to mastering Peach is mastering her float (having it do exactly what you want to do, exactly when you want to do it) so you can abuse her fast attacks, autocancelling, and the fun things she can do to people who try to shield :p Another thing worth mentioning (which is basically an extension of mastering her float) is her OOS options because you get free hits off of your own shield if you control spacing, which, of course, lead to more damage. And the last (and not necessarily least important in my list of good-things-to-learn) is slaps. I've made several posts about how to basically utilize the slaps to fill in spaces where you'd otherwise be vulnerable, while maintaining good spacing to prevent opponent retaliation.
    Depends on what character you team with. I team with a MK. So I wall and play defensive, safely racking up damage. I work on supporting him, staying safe, and gettin the kills. If you tell me what characters you team with I can try to help out better.

    As for weaknesses, he doesnt have many in teams. He's a very versatile character, so he can do w/e role his partner doesnt cover. Just dont camp bc your partner gets wrecked when you camp too much.
    I'm always paying attention to my opponent, theres never a bad time to do that, you'll learn new things about people and about yourself every time.
    Yes, I try new variations almost every time I play the game, so I have a large bucket of ideas for countering things.
    Hmm, to be honest, I can link most of my losses to a direct lack of focus, but you need more than just mindgames. In fact, I'd say BASICS are about 70% of this game. I'm surprised at how many people haven't simply mastered the basics. If people just did the basic stuff all the time, they'd win a lot more.

    A solid set of basics will help you better then a bag full of tricks any day. Remember that.

    Me? I lose to fairly decent MKs, and to my own foolishness. Last tourney, I lost to Inui and DMBrandon, both 2-1, and I placed 5th.
    I usually place in the top 10(sometimes top 5) in Texas tournies ^_^. I always end up having to play Lee Martin or Ultimate Razer though :(.
    Get creative :) Try out different approaches, techniques. Try to not just focus on getting to your opponents, but putting up defensive barriers, keeping them from getting to you, delivering more turnips without being punished. Think of it as a giant chess game.

    It's fun like that :D

    First tournament advice? Keep hydrated, bring gatorade, and don't set your expectations too high- you'll get TIRED if you're not used to the demanding mental stamina, and the other guys have a lot of experience.
    The main thing you need to learn with Pit is to be patient. Most of his moves have very short durations so you have to learn to pick people out of spot-dodges and shield-poke with the bair and such. ATs like wingdashing can be useful, but they won't help you if you can't hit your opponent.

    Learn to land fsmashes... at low damages, pretty much as often as you can, and use arrows and grab attacks to recharge it so you can use it to kill.

    Also learn to aim arrows. Not necessarily looped, just fired over and over at offstage opponents. It's harder to land a bunch of them consecutively than you might think, but if you can do it, it's deadly.
    i think so. you just have to space really well, and have good prediction/reading skills, with some luck involved ^_^ if you wanna watch sheik win a big tourny, watch videos of Armada.

    he doesn't use zelda, but yeah, zelda is helpful sometimes hehe

    go to the sheik boards, there is a lot of info there
    Hey man. As you guessed, it's nice and sunny over here. xD

    Well, I almost never practice at all in training mode. I just play with friends when I have the chance and try my stuff on those matches. I also like using multiple characters and that way I learn a lot more about matchups and everything else. Good luck. :)
    what are u ****ing kidding me? toledo treated me like ****. I ****ING HATED TOLEDO PUBLIC SCHOOLS!!! I GOT INTO A FIGHT I DIDNT START AND I GOT SUSPENDED
    Hi there. I actually have seen those vids and that Sheik looked pretty good.

    As far as DACUS tips, all I can say is practice. It's all about muscle memory.

    Switching is something where you need to develop your own style if you truly want to be effective with it. It really can go far beyond just switching to Zelda for kills and back to Sheik for damage racking. Zelda and Sheik are two very different characters and it can be difficult for your opponent to adapt to the different styles if you integrate them effectively.

    Anyway, I hope this was at least a little helpful and good luck with your Zelda/Sheik.
    I regularly play against Timotee here in Denver and I'm more than aware of Ness's crazy capabilities against MK - but to be honest, I've never had too much problem with MK as Peach. Like, ever.

    I'll chalk it up to inexperience when others talk about this "horrific unwinnable matchup" against him, but for now, my Peach v MK is still only 40-60.

    Genesis is a big deal though. I don't wanna get blindsided...
    I've been considering taking up either Ness or Olimar as serious secondaries for awhile now...
    Yeah, things have been great. The only bad part was that on Thursday(April 1st) I had to go to the doctor and get 3 shots and my blood siphoned :(
    My AIM SN is the same as my Smashboards Username. I'm scarcely on, but you might stumble into me on some evenings.
    To my knowledge a lot of people from FL are going to Genesis, one of them being me. I don't know who I will be teaming with.
    Eh, my "properness" is not really reflective on my region. I'm just a naturally intelligent individual. It is true that on average, people in this region do speak more "proper" than others though.

    And I haven't been to Florida since I was little. I went to D.C. three years ago, but didn't meet anyone there except the tour guide. Through smash, I've been to MD and VA, as well as PA of course. And I grew up in NY/NJ. I haven't really been in the other states in this region. I know a lot about different regions of the world because I enjoy learning and studying because I'm pretty nerdy, but I don't really have the opportunity to travel. I live pretty comfortably, but I wouldn't say my family is wealthy.

    Most times, schools in this area don't breach such large populations because there are so many. At THS, there is a student body of about 1600.

    lol @ conservative dress. People here are extremely liberal in a lot of ways.

    On average, the number of people that own a computer, and the number of computers per household is greater. Everyone in my family has their own computer. Basic computer knowledge from person to person is greater here.

    I once had a friend in Ohio. She and I used to talk almost everyday for HOURS and she visited me about 3 times when she came to see family she had around here, so I know a lot about the area. We don't talk anymore because we got into a big fight just a few months ago. I hear that the south is way more old school, and my history teacher, who was raised in the south says that everyone there likes to take things slow, while the north all about moving quickly.
    Well, let's see, it's a very tech savvy and active place. I grew up in NYC, which is really an exciting place. It's a moderately wealthy area due to being on the shore, so living conditions on average are pretty good in this area. The town I live in is sub-urban, close to NYC, but is a mid-size town with lots of greenery and it's really comfortable. Everyone here is familiar with computers, and the population is pretty dense. I'd need to know where you live/what it's like a little, before I can figure out what you'd find interesting. People here are just regular people though. I can't imagine this entire region being less lazy than yours, but we're ahead of a lot of the country in a lot of things, due to location, so I can see how that might be perceived. It's extremely diverse here (I'm of African American decent myself), and pretty democratic. Obama is pretty supported in this region. Teaneck is about 25% African American, 55% Caucasian, 10% Hispanic/Latino, and 10% Asian/Other. There is a large Jewish population in this town, but we all get along for the most part. Some people would say that the orthadox jews here isolate themselves a bit, but most of us interact, and it's really pleasant. There are also an abundance of religions represented here, and it's not unusual to overhear many different languages. I really wish all of America was like this, but then I wouldn't really know. I've never been off the East Coast in my whole life. The farthest I've ever been was Florida

    I do know that we are very competative. Getting an education is super important, and heavily emphasised. Most students at my high-school graduate and proceed to college. Since many kids here go to private schools, the High-School has a larger Black population on average (possibly about half). There are a couple of catholic schools nearby, and quite a few private schools for Jews, so many of the wealthier families send there kids there. Regardless, the town is relatively wealthy (the oncoming depression obviously dampering that though) and my high-school is pretty good.
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