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  • Billi it's been a while my friend how are you? Hey buddy I was wondering do you wanna Brawl sometimes? If that's ok with you?
    I'll keep that in mind the next time Chun Li butt ****s a scrub without his consent. I dunno what to tell you about tournament play except that you shouldn't play nice. Keep them guessing wrong and keep on mixing in things you know they have no strong answers to (ftilt/chain/grab/shield) in situations where they might already be distracted. Just be mean and take advantage of openings are hard as you can. I put down ftilt decay and up smash kill percents onto my phone and looked up the numbers of the char I was about to fight if I didn't already have it memorized. Think in terms of stocks... you should have a gameplan from 0-death.

    San Francisco is pretty windy and foggy a lot of the time. There's like two seasons, ever: overcast and sunny. The people I know are mostly hippies and/or gamers and/or stoners and/or gay. There are lots of different kinds of people ...
    Lol. God watches over his kids. God views all sins as equal. Why not, just lost interest in brawl? how have you been doing in SF4? give me more sheik tips, anything really that helps sheik do well. I have my first tourney coming up in June if I get my act together >_<. I want to do well, but that may be expecting too much.

    How is Cali anyway? I know the weather is nice, but the people...? I'm pretty sure people are the same no matter where you live.
    thanks Villi ^_^ yeah I forget to up-b & sometimes just chain suicide. Lately I've noticed that if they're edgehogging & I just delay the up-b till I'm close to the ledge, Sheik can recover, but its laggy. When I play smash again in the summer, I'll try this & try to be more aware of whats going on in the match & change-up my recovery.

    How have the Nor-Cal tourneys been lately? Your Sheik/Zelda ****** up there? Who else are you using in tournament?
    I need more sheik tips >_< So w/ MK just be extremely patient, but stay semi-close so you can punish? What should I punish w/ OOS, jab, aerials? How should I recover?
    hey man we havn't seen you in ages. Do you want me to hand over the wifi friend finder to someone else? I can understand that it is a tricky thread to maintain, so I can get one of the regulars to do the OP instead.
    rawr, Bonez is like mine, k? <3 kek >__<
    But yeah man I hope you can make it to a tournament with me next time because I need hands on approach to being taught half the **** with Sheik.

    I told Bones how to beat you though for next time...which I guess is telling him how to beat me too...haha. But all we need to do is condition Peach Players into Floating over our needle storms and DACUS should hit
    Hey V. I'm not doing so hot right now but sure why not. Um, it's in my profile.

    P.s. Im on the SWF chat so we can talk.
    Hey V.

    I've practiced a lot since we last plays. I was hoping you might be able to brawl sometime soon? Just msg me when you're free.
    *looks at birthday messages below* O! Happy birthday!

    Eeeeermrmm..... >.>, after your birthday bash, or if you're taking a few days to recover from it lol, could you at some point test all that dtilt sweetspot shiz and see if it works... or maybe get some frame data. I think it can be shielded. I tried at 70% and Marth could shield it, but the Dtilt was totally staled.

    Walking Dtilt sounds cool - I wonder what other attacks we could get in if this doesn't work.

    My smashboards present to you from me is to carry out this life goal!!!!!
    Lol I'm sorry to hog your wall Villi. I sent you a replay of me doing the combo on a dummy Marth. It's at 50% roughly but this would have worked truly later on
    By Colin:

    "I was calling all of the non-trip hits at < 2000 launch force "dizzy" (they are the same mechanics wise as far as I can tell). I don't know if the animation has any significance."

    You know what this means right? That animations unique to the Dtilt lock should technically all be termed 'Dizzy', with the same stun frames. This means she can do the sweetspot thing on DDD and possibly other characters.

    DK is different because his animation actually pops him up slightly in the air, so he somehow can autocancel whatever into a powershield - but if a character's animation is grounded they are stunned for however long as mentioned by Colin's percentage / frame data.
    Hey villi I've noticed something... when the lock starts, all their animations change other than the trip. Their normal 'hitstun' animation changes and I believe this is the same length as the dizzy animation =O - as in it takes the same amount of frames for them to recover.

    Maybe there is more than one type of dizzy animation. I'm sure of this. Ike for example, under low percents, will stumble and then put up his shield quickly. At lock percents, he'll either go dizzy and fall on the floor, or scrunch up, and both seem to be the same in their stun. If he scrunches up, he can be hit by Fair very easily.

    If there is a way to prove this then then Bairs is pretty much guaranteed no matter what, and Fairs are guaranteed dependant on what type of Dizzy animation you get.
    And what exactly is dizzy animation? Is it just the started animation that occurs from a dtilt if they don't trip?
    Nah I don't lol =( I quit my account cos I wasn't doing uni work xD

    Try this when you get a wii and let me know what you find!
    Villi, I'm not even lying - I think this works. Dizzy animation is GOOD for Zelda xD Check the thread!
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