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  • LOL thanks trey. Kinda been a while since I logged onto smash boards. School has been keeping me busy for the most part. I think I like Sf4 better but I kinda like brawl + recently.
    flamingo...You won't get any legit practice in SC regardless of whether or not he's banned.
    Sup bro, random mains feel no pain guy here. Didn;t know you were NC Smash!!! meh didn;t see you at HERB but cool if you were there.
    Blaze blue isn't even out yet and also It looks exactly like guilty gear, maybe a little slower paced. you'd probably be better off buying guilty gear and saving your self 40$. Who knows, I'll probably rent it when it comes out to at least see if its good.
    thanks for the heads up, for some reason I thought it was June. I may or may not be going. Been really into street fighter lately.
    You won't have much competition then, but it'll be better than nothing I guess.

    I'm guessing you can't practice on your own either.

    Do what you gotta do bro. It'd be sweet if you got into Melee, but I won't force you.
    Which game are you lookin to play together? If Brawl, you might have to meet me in Hickory with Stingers and Pyrostormer/Jim.

    If Melee, we could go to Boone or Charlotte. Thought I'd give you options early to think about.
    Hey, thanks for the thumbs up. Sometimes it gets hard playing such a sorry character because you know that you have a slim chance of winning, but the compliments make it worthwhile for me. Your partner was KillerSOS, right?
    Whoa, hey Flamingo.
    I'm that Link that you fought at H.E.R.B.
    I'm also Mitsurugi's and Duo's bro.
    So, uh, hey.
    SO uh, next time you get a chance pull up Google Maps and get directions from Charlotte, NC to Wilmington, NC. It's pretty bad.... Doesn't pass through any major cities. Dammit.
    You're lucky, I haven't played brawl in the last week, and won't be able to until Friday at the earliest. My Wii got a bad case of these weird dots on the screen and the disc loader sounded like a chainsaw so I sent it in to Nintendo.
    Well... most likely i won't be able to go.... gotta work... (family restaurant). I just found out... was going to team up with Lork Karn for doubles but that might not be happening.

    I might do some beggin...

    Anyways... as for YI on counter pick, i believe i am the only Pikachu that likes that place. I guess most importantly, my thunderjolts are a lot harder to power shield on the ground because the arc changes in distance around the curves. It trails down teh wall to so ledgecamping under there is near impossible. Against MK's, if i try to edgehod them when they are sweetspotting on teh edge they normally glide under through teh other side and sweetspot. On YI its impossible. And for me... I can do the tech I invented/improvised on that stage. I'll try to surprise with it next time. Also my QaC to and around the edges are safer since i can't suicide under a knook or ceiling (like FD).
    Thats not too bad and you lost to some pretty good players. I just wanted to see where my competition is at :)
    My aim is "Lest Vent", thanks for looking around. The guy who's aim you gave me, does he have a ride, and is he near or passing the charlotte area?
    That's all fine and dandy, but there's this thing called transportation that stops me from going. If you know of anyone who is going through charlotte to get there, by all means, I'll pay for some gas or something, but that's like 2 hours away.
    Brawl is a bit too fustrating right now. I might get back when I actually own a wii. Eventually, I want to start my own crew with PLUR.
    I am VERY sorry that I have been busy with other things, my life doesn't revolve around here. :p
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