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  • Um... okay? Hey, I'm gonna go on wifi to play with my friend, so I'm gonna be getting off for now. TTYL. ^_^
    Nah, not anymore. You should go for the whole Leon Kennedy look. It'd go great with the controller ammo belt/gun holster idea. :)
    Sorry I couldn't answer your questions by texting. My phone ran outta minutes. T.T Anyways, Pit's Angel Ring can reflect non-energy projectiles, but not as well as his Mirror Shield. If you were to throw a bomb at me, unless I were to time it very nicely, I would more than likely get hit by it.
    k well my friend said that there were step-by-step directions on epsxe.com. lol i guess that's the best i could do @.@

    He said just download everything and follow the ****z
    hey, you have the best link i've seen. it's soo hard playing against a character no one else is good with. good stuff man.
    Ahhh man, lol. Yeah, I never got to play your Link. =( In fact, in both C3 and CoT4 combined, I think I've faced you guys only like a couple times total lol. There's never enough time for friendlies. No worries about WiFail, I hate it as much as anyone. xD
    LOL, but your flames are amazing. =D Good to hear from you man! I've been doing pretty well. Senior year isn't too hard, although the college stuff is annoying. I'm working on scholarships now. I've gotten into every place I applied to so far, so that's pretty cool. Smash wise, I'm getting a heck of a lot better. =) I have a couple of new characters. My list probably goes now, in approximate skill order: Z/S, MK, and Lucario. With Z/S being pretty far ahead of the others. Though MK is MK and therefore is pretty effective regardless of me having less experience with him. How about yourself?
    I just realized that I sent the same PM to you twice. How the hell did that happen lol. So how's life man?

    Also, I love this Link mindgame I use. It's simple, but effective in moderation. This a bomb over the opponent's head. Their first instinct will be to run away, which would be towards you. Then you attack or grab, and they may run into it.
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