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  • You have no idea how sorry I am about you getting bracket ****ed. It was completely my fault. In reviewing the results and seeing your talent I know your result does not match well with your ability in the game. With that being said, the next low-tier event you enter, the entry fee will be on me.

    Very Sorry.
    I really, reallllly, realllllllllly don't think it will be bro.

    NC will keep you safe or whatever if there is an issue. Please ignore him.
    -User CP

    -left side

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    hay r u and flam coming tomorrow? would be nice if you guys entered singles and teams :)
    Its really ****ing stupid bc I was going to win brawl singles and doubles and probably use those winnings to go to the Halloween Bash in GA.
    lolz... you have to get permission from andy G and Big lou lolz... they copyrighted it haha, they used it at CoT4 1st...... but if you really wanna credit us :p
    Yo, I am picking up Luigi so we should team at the Wilmington tourney. Get back at me .
    fair enough, I won't have too much time myself this week anyways. ill be in the library about 1 though.
    Thank you for that omni, the combo at 5:50 is gross.

    Also if you guys wanna play somewhere that's not the library lemme know. I would like to get some 1v1's in since I haven't been able to in forever.
    Yea I saw you play and i watch your videos online, Ive learned a lot from your play style.
    what time do you guys normally play on Thursdays because I typically don't go over near the wolves den unless I have too. (I live in wolf village)
    Well I get out of class around 4, so I'll have some time before 6. Earlier today my girl called me and made plans for that night. Also I will be free from 12-230ish. If not maybe some other time.
    I'm sure you can keep up.

    I'm trying to rep NC with my Tink xD

    unforunately, I did really bad at Billfest this time :(
    Awesome dude, will do. We're gonna do Melee, Brawl and we're thinking about Brawl+ I really liked that and I wanna try and help get it into the tourney scene, but we'll have to see what happenes. Peace.
    Really? Which matches did you watch? Every time I went into Bills room you were there.

    And yea, I kind noticed.
    Because I think you're wrong, and I'm just argumentative in nature. Don't take it to personally, I'd do it to anyone who has the same opinions as you and throws them around like an idiot. Not unlike how you do it.

    I'd like to mention you were a bit more passive in person than I expected. Sitting in Bills room playing Brawl for 4 hours during the Melee tourney? Now, that's passive. =P
    The key to getting someone to stop arguing with you is not to start out with an insult.

    That being said, you're a moron if you honestly think Brawl is a good game. I don't see how anyone can take that game even moderately seriously. I have no problem being an ******* about it. You are wasting your time playing it. If you like stupid easy games that feel completely awkward, you should probably switch to Tekken.
    I got a warning for trying to clarify the situation, as my post was deemed "useless", lol :D

    this is on YOU

    now train my oli
    Yeah I played against trey a fair amount at the library last semester. if you could send invites out to them as well that would be great.
    I'm pretty sure you can, I think a couple of years back some Halo guys held a small tourny there. Also when I was in sullivan some guys there hosted a free play 2d Fighting thing in one of the sullivan lounges. If you can reserve a sullivan lounge I'm pretty sure you can reserve the bragraw one (hopefully without having to live there).

    Also are any of these freinds you talk of a diddy or a shiek main (trey). I think diddy and Olimar are my least favorite characters to play against so I need to play against mains to improve as a player.
    Also If you want to host a tournament here on campus I was thinking of reserving the Bragraw lounge, it doesn't have as many TV's but I'm pretty sure it stays open later than the wolves den.
    You play olimar you don't happen to use the tag "adam" do you? I remember an Olimar vaguely who won the one tournament here I went too.
    They actually capped out at 128 people. I know Plur was there as well as krabs, not sure who else since I don't really know who's who yet with the smash players. But yeah, it was a big *** tournament so I'm sure there were others >_<
    I haven't watched much Brawl at all lately. I've barely had time to watch pro Melee vids due to school.
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