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  • As of now, both. I plan on quitting Brawl soon. It really depends on how quick we can get a crew started.
    Gah, I really, really wanted to go to NC State. My best friends went there, but another school gave me a scholarship.

    I hope you enjoy it there!
    I live in Fayetteville, NC during breaks, but I went back to college, so I'm in Ohio now, lol.

    I should try some tournies this summer. :p What about you?
    idk, I don't play Brawl+, I play Melee. I'm probably not even going to play it at Foxy's.
    I've posted on my own page to a comment before too XD
    but yeah I'll check them out if you get some and load them up. I have yet to attend a Brawl tournament but it should be easy to find a decent one around here in California
    ahh, well yeah I am new to the smash forums but I've been a GM, staff, Mod and all that jazz on other forums and for private servers or games before. I use to write up entire sets of in game rules and TOS so this is easy.

    now if only I could make playing Sheik easy
    first, thanks. It's simple stuff but what does "dubble diggys" mean? Dig Dug keeps coming to mind.
    I don't really play Barwl (c wah I did thur?) to much, but I play MK and Diddy. I've been thinking of quitting all together, but I'm still unsure of that. For me, Brawl can be fun, if I'm constantly playing, but even then I get bored after a while.

    Melee, I play too many characters. I main Fox and Marth, and second Falco, but I play Peach and Sheik in tournaments as well.
    That'll be nice

    I mean, I still play Brawl even though I bash it so much and loves Melee more. I don't see why you guys can't play Melee. ;)
    if I go anywhere on the 31st, it'll be to the SoVa Melee tourney. And I'm trying to get to HERB, so no promises.

    I'm also trying to see if I can get to the Billfest and to Foxy's. You should go to Foxy's on the 7th
    I ma freshman. If we happen to get further time off from inclement weather. holla at me. 336-340-4231
    no its just stopping the AAA combo and instead doing a single A and then another attack, luigi can jab cancel into grabs, uppercuts, and dsmash

    there is no double donkey kong punch? idk what thats about
    Naw i dont have a car.

    As of now i dont play brawl seriously. I suppose im as good with falcon as anyone else in this game, hes just eh manliest there is :p

    If i play im sure ill find a main
    Weak sauce :(

    I go to the wolves den every now and again yeah. Dont usually have much time.

    I dont play much brawl, but if had to choose a main it would be...captain falcon :p

    Im more a melee fellow but i could blay some b-rawl. holla at me when you get back
    Yo lets play now! I dont have my controller butttt I live at turlingotn. Do you have a second?
    I dont think so, i keep a low profile :p. I ahvent smashed in a while but im bored now. Where do you live at?
    I can go into more detail, but there isn't much need.

    You gotta trust me on this one if what I just said didn't change your mind.
    It's 60:40 MK.

    You shouldn't have that much trouble vs Marth unless they know the matchup really well.

    How many B moves are you using onstage predictably?

    In this matchup, my Fair is not > yours.

    Marth is predictable too, since they both swing their swords. What are you getting at there?

    Counter shouldn't work all that much.
    You misunderstood what I said. If you play me and you go MK, it's good experience for me then.
    Yeh. I suicided on the second stock, though, so it's not much of a three stock. He also apparently gets to play a decent ZSS regularly, which I don't have the opportunity to do very often.
    Oh you're going to Judgment in SC? I'll be there.

    Yes I'm also going to that.

    Cool, we'll get to play this month.
    Yeah NC is getting pretty Snake-heavy here lately.

    Sheik doesn't do well vs many top tier but Marth and ROB and maybe GaW right?
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