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  • Nope. I went to buy the ticket, and then I had a moment of clarity where I thought: wtf, I'm about to spend $600+ (plane, hotel, food, entry fees, etc.) to go to California and play in a tournament where I probably won't even make it out of pools.

    I'm not that dedicated to a video game, lol. Plus a lot of the people I was gonna go with couldn't get together the money..... I think the only PA people going are Chibo and Vex.

    Honestly, half the reason I'm even going to HSI is to visit Hawaii. If it was in a different location, I probably wouldn't be going to that either.
    Blah, I thought I'd have time to send the stuff today, but I had to make an unexpected trip to my job.

    Going to NYC tomorrow, so I'll try to send it when I get back Friday morning. Thanks for being patient!
    I did! I've just been extremely busy these past few days and not able to get on my Wii for any solid periods of time. (I still have a bunch of stuff to test for Kata that I haven't gotten to..... @.@)

    I have a few hours free for debug time tomorrow, though, so I'll use that to finish up my list for you. I think you're ~6 hours in the past compared to me, so if I send it to you during my late afternoon, I guess that'll be your morning/noonish, lol.
    sup man, yeah I've seen ur vids from the Hawaii tourney. Your Shiek/Zelda is pretty good ^_^.

    have u seen this Sheik before?:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKhoQykhnR8 <MK/Snake
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXTth...eature=related <vs TL.

    too good, this guy won a tourney in Europe, check out his other vids ^_^. I actually just picked up Sheik to aid my Zelda, she does help out a lot w/ damage & she's really speedy & can camp. I can't do the DACUS w/ the default settings completely yet, any tips? & tips for Shiek/Zelda when to switch?
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