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Doctor X
Last Activity:
Dec 18, 2016
Mar 1, 2004
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Dec 5, 1985 (Age: 32)
Cincinnati, OH

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Doctor X

Smash Lord, 32, from Cincinnati, OH

Lol I suppose it's not the most original tag ever. Nov 7, 2013

Doctor X was last seen:
Dec 18, 2016
    1. D-idara
      You are mean, you have no right to question people's beliefs or their own personal barriers, personal barriers are there for a reason. There's nothing wrong with thinking that someone doing 100% to win is cheap, because it is.
    2. Doctor X
      Doctor X
      Lol I suppose it's not the most original tag ever.
    3. dbattleground
      hi may name is greg and I wanted you to know that we have added your Project M event to our calendar here: http://dbattleground.com/ohgaming please check it out and let us know if you would like any edits, changes or updates. We want to help you get out there my friend
    4. Gadiel_VaStar
      what's good man? I noticed that you were in the process of creating a guide in the Pit backroom a long time ago. Can you send me what you have via PM? I will gladly accept it.

    5. smash64
      your like school in summer time
    6. Mayling
      vote: steve

      for best pit in the midwest
    7. Mayling

    8. Xisin
    9. goodkid
      Sup man, i saw your pit & its pretty good. What are the most important things to learn 4 pit? just wingdashing & arrow looping? please give me your pit knowledge!!! lol, EVO North is coming to Chi-town in June & Im debating whether i will use pit or not. He matches my name too much & I want to use him because I feel he is still underused & very good if played strategically`. Any tips would be appreciated

      Thanks, goodkid
    10. smash64
      i would if you i had some one to play with
    11. Doctor X
      Doctor X
      I'll have to ask roommates at some point but yeah I think I could.
    12. clowsui
      hey check the christmas smash bash thread
      seems like ppl want to hold it at your place since there's no cap + we don't have a "curfew"/time limit
      what do you think? could we do ~40 person house tourney at your place?
    13. Fresh_Daddy_Normand
      hey i am from cincinnati and was wondering if you were interested in a super smash 64 tournament
    14. Joh
      So now that I have my Tournament posted..
      I can roll up into SmashBoards like I own the
      place. Top tier, holmes. Top tier.
    15. Joh
      i wan 2 plae u 2 lol
    16. IK3NI
      i wunna play u 1v1
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    Dec 5, 1985 (Age: 32)
    Cincinnati, OH
    Melee, Tabletop


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