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  • We should be 3ds friends!

    0791-2008-8754 is mine if you'd like to add me :>
    Hey Peachkid! of course! I'll add you when i get home today after work. mine is 0147 0075 0999
    Uhhh, we have not exchanged 3DS codes yet why??
    Not sure!!! Heres mine 0147 0075 0999
    Awesome haha 2406-5625-4787
    I need way more people to talk about Peach. She's so ridiculous I love her in this game
    I actually kinda hate it, lol. Are you coming back for the new game? Gonna stick with Peach?
    I'll stick with her at first, but it just depends if any characters are more fun. In Brawl she was just the most fun to use just like in Melee. I kind of want to use someone higher tier though so I can play to my potential.
    how about you??
    Don't take the easy way! I'm disappointed in you :mad:

    Lol nah, but I'm gonna try her out. But Smash4 looks weird to me. It looks all floaty.
    Edresse sum douche bags are flaming and troll me in the peach board you are cool Edreese ban their ***
    + one more ranked win in falln lmao. got mah revenge.

    oh and i did get to 3 stock and 2 stock (and lose last hit on delphino) to rusty dsf in tourney. ima keep it movin' edreesy piecey :)
    yeah haze.

    and i can't bring scissors. he'll cheat and pick 9. when u gonna come around for somethin' again? we shud kick it next time prax comes to town.
    lol u can be disappoint but i got a lot better though.

    i got kinda cheated outta bein 10 on the socal PR coz they picked paper over me even though i beat mike and vato. he had wins too though. i did 2-0 paper on saturday though so i proved a point which is cool.

    but yeah i seriously plan on tryin' to win genesis xD

    long hard road lool
    mother ****ing raaage omg that's so bad my condolences XD

    btw, i'm a published author now! just a short story in my school magazine but a real publisher nonetheless! :D
    You were the only other person lurking besides me lol.
    Plus your green name sticks out. SHOULDVE PASSED THE RED NAME DOWN TO MEEEEEE
    Yes except I have no interest in playing that game. Lol. Three people are enough. Besides, I'm playing one atm. :mad113:
    You've never even played a mafia game in the LoD!!!! ;p
    Or... I don't think you have lol. They can be really good sometimes!
    Wow nice. I wish I could travel the world like that.

    And yeah Air is too level headed haha. It was a good game though.
    Yo, I forgot to reply to Castle and don't wanna bump it ('cuz I lost lololol).

    I had you as scum because although all your stances were good in theory, you never PUSHED what you believed. Also you didn't fake claim a weak PR to throw me off, you could have done that, though it would've been gambitty.

    Basically you were too middle of the road/where a scum would want to be. Ya get me?

    GG on your win.
    hey, can you tell me what options olimar has against peach's float game and how/ if olimar can counter it? im really struggling in the MU lately >_<
    Well, originally the demodding, but now that you mention it, I am still kind of bitter over the mafia game. :p
    Yeah, it usually came down to the wire with you. No other peach player has done that to me in tournament D:<. Friggin' outlier. I wonder how the set would pan out if we played again.
    Yooo, Edrees!
    If you have the ability, could you please move the Chula Vista/San Diego Brawl thread back to the Pac. West boards? Or if not, let someone know who does?
    We use it pretty much mainly as a social thread and for smashfests, not for advertising tournies.
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