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  • Dude, can you unlokc me from the Peach boards? Its been like half a month or so since I been locked out.
    Dude, AIM me when you can, there is some serious BSgoing on and I cant stand it anymore.
    I went to sleep not that much before you sent that pm. so its 2:30pm now and i pretty much just woke up :p

    I'll be around the area for at least the next 10 hours give or take a few disappearances
    No problemo! You always bring up valid points and tell it like it is. That's something I respect. :3

    I'm just surprised they would think everyone sucks just like that, lol.
    Yeah I was.

    Even though I didn't get properly introduced to you though.
    I would have played you in tournament if you hadn't lost to tearbear the round before or something... I think.

    it was last year.

    I was like "I know of edrees" saw you sitting on the floor at havok's house playing a tournament match and you were gone before I knew it.
    I think I also said hello to you/whatnot on a day returning from the genesis venue back to the hotel.
    I'm actually pasting something for all of you moderators :)
    I'm a moderator of the biggest smash community of brazil, and as you might know our lever is increasing abnormally. Sadly, our comunitty is facing something that we're not sure to call "feezing time" on our actual production.
    Discutions are not being made and everything is about flood.

    I'm hoping that you can help me and our community with ideas that can improve our general metagame and bring more help to all of our players. Hope to hear from you soon :)

    If you want to visit us,
    Lol, Matt actually.

    Interesting chain of events there...

    1. People started pronouncing my name a-dam-bro-dee-us (supposed to be a-doom-bro-day-oos), most people don't know how to pronounce Ecclesiastical Latin, even if they know what deus means, they still think it's pronounced dee-us

    2. Then people started shorting it to adum.

    3. Then people started spelling it phonetically (for how they pronounced it),

    4. Now people saw other people spelling the shortened form wasn't how my name was spelled, and since it also happened to be a RL name figured my real name is Adam.

    I knew this was gonna happen as soon as I saw Pierce do it, lol.
    My name was originally a reference to Mystery Science Theater 3000. It is handy that it also corresponds to something people not familiar with the reference can understand, and sometimes I play along and let it be an animal reference.

    If I had picked my name from the animal kingdom, though, it would have been ant related.
    hey could you change the title of my thread on the pac west boards? its titled BIC Melee: Bobas Bday Tourney, but could you resubmit it as Melee: Boba's B-Day Tourney that way Melee will be read and it will attract people's attention. Thanks.
    oh lol. i kinda forgot all about that. I feel like I've come up with some a few smalls ways to use what Peach has at least a little more effectively. I dropped Peach for Fox til WGF just coz it's refreshing to not use Peach but I've been using her a lot in mms or playing slayn's marth for hours on end haha. I just decided to put her away til I learn how to bonewalk so maybe I can refresh my style with it a little bit. I pretty much have it down now though. I guess what I typed down there is still a bit of a concern for me still but I have a few smashfests too attend so maybe that should help me.

    having another Peach crisis. Well not rly a Peach crisis but just a general smash crisis.

    Idk, I just wanna get goood. My R3 performance was pretty disappointing. It's not even about metaknight, it's just that I was clearly not adapting very well at all. It just worries me a bit that I keep playing but I've still been really inconsistent and have never really put up a good placing. I prob have like 2 top 10 placings at 30-40 person tourneys. I just don't wanna end up being one of those smashers that just keeps playing but never gets good. I know I just have to keep playing but can that really be all there is to it? I just feel like I should be losing to 2 ranked players every tourney instead of Mikehaze and an above average socal random. Idk, it's just that I've been seeing a ton of socal randoms getting a lot better lately and I'm getting more tourney threats.

    Idk, I just dunno what to do with my thought process. I just wonder when it'll all start to click. @_@
    Hello Edrees,

    Can you write another Peach guide? I read your guide about "What it takes to become a good Peach player." Is there another guide you can make about predicting, and what should be running through one's head while they play?

    I have plenty of advice on this already, but I just want to get more perspectives from different players.

    Hello Edrees,

    Can you tell me what it takes to become a good player in general? I have a lot of trouble predicting, if that's even important.

    Is Peach capable of placing 1st @ a national?
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