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  • Omg Congrats on mod position! i havent been able to congratulate u earlier cause sum hacker did sumting to my ip address and i cant get on swf or aib on my cpu ;_; but anyways congrats!!!
    congradulations on your mod-ing. i might not really know you, but im a fan of your peach lol
    Hey you're a mod!

    Lol you're probably the first Brawl Peach moderator.
    I think in your matchup discussion thread that you should add under the Snake section that his C4s can be Toaded.
    Hey Edreese!

    This is Camille, sending a message as Tudor. I'm not sure if you remember me. I was that lil asian girl who would hangout with Azeem, your ol' partner in crime. :p Anyways me, my family, and Tudor will be in SoCal starting tomorrow. We'll be staying at a hotel in Orange, CA. Tudor has interests of going to the Nexus tourney but doesn't have a ride. So I called all of SoCal that I possibly knew of. Alex told me he was getting a ride with you; question is would you maybe have room for one more? We don't have a problem dropping him off early at your place cuz the reason why I'm traveling in the first place is for a conference and my family is planning to see relatives. If you have room, he's willing to pay gas money of course and he's a really dorky guy :D It'll be fun! Heh well just thought to ask since there's no harm involved and if anything he'll hopefully see you at nexus. Here's my number if you wanna give a text/call since we'll be on the road tomorrow and sight seeing I think: 702.862.9622. Please let me know! We'll keep searching for other rides with other people too.

    Thanks again!
    <3 Cutie Camille
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