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Recent content by EdreesesPieces

  1. EdreesesPieces

    All about Stick Sensitivity

    Thank you for this. I am always accidently doing smash attacks and if I change from high to low I think it'll help me cut down on that.
  2. EdreesesPieces

    Official v2.0.0 Patch Discussion Thread

    Lucas instant get up from ledge using djc zair is much harder to do now. Or it got removed. One of the two, not sure which yet.
  3. EdreesesPieces

    Why does everyone assume that new tech will be patched out?

    I must be the only one who doesn't care about L canceling if every move has as little landing lag as L canceled Aerials in melee, but the truth is there are so many moves that have a significant landing lag in Ultimate, so I don't buy the idea that l canceling is only a technical issue. It let's...
  4. EdreesesPieces

    Lucas Matchups

    If k rool uses neutral b (I assume nuetral b is the vacuum move?) just hold the ledge until it runs out and time your return so you can punish the cooldown. I find that Bair is key against link and all campers. I was struggling against a link in elite smash for like 15 games in a row but...
  5. EdreesesPieces

    "Brother from another MOTHER". Lucas Smash Ultimate Discussion thread.

    Sword characters tend to be harder for him. Lucas has a lot of startup frames before his attacks come out and coupled with their range sword characters can make it hard for him if they are good at pressuring shield. Inkling and snake are zoners who can't actually zone against lucas so Lucas...
  6. EdreesesPieces

    Lucas Matchups

    Can you elaborate what ftilt does to his armor?
  7. EdreesesPieces

    Does Lucas not have any combos?

    There are less gauranteee true combos but more "this works 90% of the time if I follow their DI" combos. I've gotten 3 to 4 up airs after a down throw
  8. EdreesesPieces

    [solved] Strange Zair tech help

    Make sure you are holding a direction when you input the zair and jump on the same frame. I believe it can't be done with the control stick in the neutral position. Someone might have to correct me. I'm still working on getting this down with any kind of consistency myself.
  9. EdreesesPieces

    Anyone else have trouble recovering with Daisy/Peach's Up B?

    So is metaknight but he can grab it backwards.
  10. EdreesesPieces

    Anyone else have trouble recovering with Daisy/Peach's Up B?

    You have to time your UP B so the very top of the parasol touches the ledge. If peach face or body is touching the ledge she won't grab it until the top of her parasol touches the ledge. In smash4 and brawl the game was set up so if almost any part of her body was touching it she's grab the...
  11. EdreesesPieces

    The many flavors of Princess, Daisy and Peach Differences.

    here's one per the game..lol. notice peach bomber is different but everything else is described the same.
  12. EdreesesPieces

    The many flavors of Princess, Daisy and Peach Differences.

    Found a difference. Peach is unlocked after zero suit samus but Daisy is unlocked after falco, in classic mode. So far that's the only thing I know for a fact.
  13. EdreesesPieces

    What we know about Peach and Daisy so far

    Side B could be effective combo breaker. Just basing it off picturing it in my head so I could be flat out wrong tho. It doesn't come out as fast as Nair but it gets you way out of there, and it comes out frame 13 now which is extremely fast for a move in the air that will send you so far away.
  14. EdreesesPieces

    Heartfelt Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom - Peach discussion thread

    It feels so good to finally watch some peach videos where i don't have to constantly put up with watching FFA or final smashes. can finally focus on her game
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