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  • Don't know if you still use smashboards, I just re-joined. Think you just played my Bowser online. Went to your house and played with you a couple of times. Was never able to beat your Peach in Brawl 10 years ago. You still go to tournies?
    I love yor avatar. It made my day, Where did you find it?
    Thanks! Couldn't tell you where I found it. I basically changed it to this years ago because of a Peach boards meme, but then I stopped playing and got too lazy to change it. So basically, this is me being active again, but completely out of date lol
    It just embodies "***** I will cut you!". What kind of meme was on the Peach boards though?
    if you're in the peach back room you can find it :)

    Also, it's not worth you trying to learn it by saturday. It's too hard.
    I"m not sure. whenever the right event rolls around so we can kick it. last time i played brawl was the winter game fest tourney!
    nice man, i'm sure u have gotten a lot better. mike as in mike haze?

    Who is this paper dude that beat you out? next time just bring scissors
    Well no that is just the span of time that I started beating Seibrik. That's all. I only go to tournaments 1-2 times a month.
    Well...you could watch me vs tyrant from MLG Dallas, as well as me vs Seibrik from the past like...3 months at youtube.com/2link121 . He has a lot of videos.
    so i went to a mumford and sons concert..and they DIDNT" EVEN PLAY DUST BOWL DANCE. I WAS SOOOO PISSED!!! Thought you'd like to know ;p
    It's all good. Me and my partner managed to get some good practice time in. Better hope you and your Gdubz don't encounter us. ;P
    Hey bro you want to get some Pound 5 practice in with me for a bit? Then after that I gotta hop on some dubs practice with my partner. Your call.
    I didn't realize!
    Just try not to censor dodgeeeeee. I've edited Idk how many of your posts this week. People will understand what you're trying to say even if it's all asterisk.. y.

    Can you take a look at the PBR's current topic? I'm trying to get input from everyone.

    LOL **** that I ain't going no shopping

    you can just hang out with the Houston crew with KB and I, we'll find something chill to do and just relax
    Yeah it must suck having a birthday on school days.

    Hope to see you here in Texas ;D

    Its going to be chill
    Ugh, your mah favorite Peach evaarrrrrrrrrrrr. You and your straight talk ****.

    I'm making Dallas some how.

    you actually set it up really well and it'll be easy for me to format it. do another writeup if you want! there are definitely some more big ones we need, like diddy, wario, and (i think) the peach ditto.
    lol i doubt any snakes will come on the peach boards. just pm it to me, that will be fine. thanks for doing a writeup for me, it sounds detailed and helpful :)
    Problem is i do not have any recording stuff. It does have to be spaced perfectly and it has to be a point blank throw. Just practice sweetspot hyphen usmash in training mode and get a feel for how close you have to be. Do not foxtrot above the 70, just normal run and it will still be frame legit.

    hope this helps, maybe i can get a friend to record it in the near future.
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