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  • Hey i can talk to you on aim later about your 'crisis' thing. sorry , you posted on my wall while i was on vacation (boston and NY) and i only just got back and saw it
    late reply but a simple roll or side b works. Either that or just stay put and u'll probably land a grab
    Yo, get on the peach chat. I'm on my mom's comp and its members only so they need to lemme in xD
    Yo dude. We need to talk more, I can give you advice on Peach. (Well, more or less your gameplay)

    /just noticed Edreeses comment
    You're almost there, you're on the cusp. I think what you need to do is try to recognize patterns more often while you play. Rather than focusing on what you are doing, how to make your peach better, try to focus on what your opponents are doing, and what they are giving you by taking away your options. Your peach is solid and you have great control and knowledge over her, but i think if you stepped this part of your game you can take it to the next level. gluck man..ur prob better than me now tho i haven't played in ages :)
    Also double jump spacing ***** yoshi's grab game and down smash just ***** after Fair in general (in case you Fair and you land behind him)
    Yoshi is probably one of the weirdest and stupidest characters to fight in the game. He's completely horizonally and vertically defensive. You won't have much luck coming in directly from above or from the side. Never pressure his shield from the side, pressure it from above.

    That said, moves that really aren't good against yoshi for spacing include peach's dtilt, f tilt, Bair, and f smash. Her tilts are punishable by grabs because of yoshi's running speed, Bair is easily pivot grabbed and F smash has enough lag where yoshi can grab you at the end.

    Peach and yoshi is an even dumber matchup to play, albeit fun. Your main goal is to hit him in his blindspot (his nose), which peach is quite good at doing. You also have to avoid his grabs and egg tosses while doing this. Yoshi outcamps peach at long distances, Peach outcamps yoshi at middle distances. Nair OoS ***** his Bair approach.

    Dealing with eggs is annoying, you have to learn to Powershield them. Yoshi can use them from the ledge and use them while minorly sliding. They should only post a thread if you're in the air or floating. I try my best to float out of their range. Spacing Fair on yoshi is also extremely unusual. You have to space it just right to hit his nose but to make sure it's above his tongue range so he can't pivot grab you.

    Once you learn all these things there are pretty much three moves that you really need to look out for: Up smash, grabs, and Egg lay. Egg lay is annoying as **** if the yoshi uses it well, that's why I'm always Fairing against yoshi. He can use double jump cancel with (his b moves cancel double jump) and basically weave in past your defenses and catch you. With Fair you will either knock him away or deal 15% or so (and since with egg lay he can only do like 13% it's worth it). The most annoying thing about egg lay is the bad position it puts you in. You don't wanna be high in the air against yoshi., that's how he kills.

    I'll think of more later, I'm kind've pressed for time atm. Learning his recovery patterns is amazing for reads :)
    That sucks. Cuz like after 48 seconds or so my spacing gets a lot better and stays that way xD
    For some reason against yoshi I sortve like them having the starting % lead, it's like playing with your foot before eating it :3
    I'm gonna have some footage of me vs the WC's best yoshi. He doesn't bother camping me cuz I know how to get past it. When he did camp it worked for a little cuz I wasn't expecting him to do it XD
    "It's not nonsense, he's back to Peach and it's a good thing. Kinda like how you quit Brawl like a thousand times over a bad placing. It's cool man, it's cool."

    Do I detect a bit of troll in there? :p

    I didn't catch your AIM in that chat! What is it? If you don't mind me asking of course.
    that's not a legit reason :O so you're admitting there's lag and that was against PRKR and you know it all my wins against Dark.Pch were legit <.<
    HHAAHA i abuse wifi that has to be the most ignorant thing you've ever said man he wrote the guide on dealing with projectiles regardless of wifi that idiot should have been able to stop it but that ok buddy ^_^ you put ur head back up his butt and keep at er 1 day you'll understand but glad to see he has his Bichs johnning for him :p so much respect for you lost man lol good luck in the future
    It only makes sense for you to have an Anakin avi you're severely misguided dark.pch is in no way a peach god on several accounts, a vast majority of peach mainers follow his guides and get nowhere, i consistantly fight peach mains who follow his guides and they lose.

    His guide with dealing projectiles is a load of crap because he can't even deal with my my TL spamming

    He's been 3 stocked by my Ike with replay too and last i beat him 3 times in a row he claimed he needed to fight like an idiot to beat me the exact same thing he's said to Mikey in the past he's an immature sore loser who's currently trying to blame his piss poor attitude for losing on being bi-polar, there's a VERY fine line between the two, He shows no respect to anyone below him or anyone who has their own opinions if you give your own opinion you're considered to be involved in this giant *** plot to flame him.

    Edrees, Praxis, Excel and Niko_K have done by FAR more for peach mainers if you would only take a look around this is me being bias this is the god dam truth and you know it just give up on *** kissing him it's not going to get you anywhere developing your own style of using peach is by far more effective than anything he tells you.

    Because of how many scrub peach mainers who follow his guide that actually does make him a typical peach mainer

    Bottom line he's a self-proclaimed father of peach when in reality he's done very little for the peach community the only advice he tells everyone is "why are you scared" and "stop rolling so much" he's made no AT videos' Niko_K pretty pretty much made them all, combo videos are invalid where as combo vids are completely bias and are purposely designed to take the best parts of different fights to help glorify your own skill when 75% of the time that isn't going to happen again

    sorry for the long post but i know you have more god **** sense than that quit brown nosing the god dam tool

    P.S if you don't believe me go beat him 3 times in a row and see how he responds and don't fight the typical peach way it is possible why does he beat you because he knows what you're going to do ? how does he know that ? YOU FOLLOW THE GUIDE HE WROTE
    hey any chance we can play soon? Id be down to drive to ur area 2 get some good matches on.
    Hmm I'd say post in the thread that you need housing..ask around on all is brawl directly to people...lots of people looking for housing so its tough right now =(
    You have been avenged. I just gutted Jamnt0ast on the ladder. ^_^ he counterpicked MK too >.>
    Nah, I wasn't playing. My brother and his friend just found the Wifi button, and so he was playing without me knowing. I came up by the end to watch. :p
    I'm holding a tourney on Dec 20th in St.Catharines. It's about 20 minutes from Niagara Falls so it shouldn't be hard to convince your parents to drop you off on the way to their tourist destiatnation xD.
    DON'T ENCOURAGE HIM! He's one of the best players in the state, and I only have a chance against him because he's Olimar. T_T
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