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Mar 23, 2018
Aug 16, 2004
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Smash Champion

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Mar 23, 2018
    1. ion6963
      B4 I ask u questions I hav bout FOW Saga, I’d like 2 say srry in advance f this is the improper way of contactin u, it’s my 1st time messagin any1 on here. I was wonderin f we get 2 choose which wave 2 b in bcuz a person in my group that I’ll b attendin the tournament w/ won’t make it on time if put in wave 1. Also our group is >4 people, does that mean we qualify 4 a discount? I will b anticipatin ur reply, thnk u.
    2. -Mars-
      Champ do you play Brawl anymore? Your Sheik was always so fun too watch.
    3. A2ZOMG
      lol you know TonyGuacamole? He's so ****ing good.
    4. Eggz
      Can you link me to the thread for that tourney you wanted me and Ka to go to?
    5. Razmakazi
      Champ! I'm tired of MK so I'm maining Fox and Diddy this month til WGF and I have a fox question. I'm learning to laser pretty decently and I'm pretty shield-campy but how do I go about the business of running like a *****? Like when I'm at the edge of the stage I just wanna be able to fight my way out or to get past my opponent and run away some more w/ lasers. Would sh airdodge or fh fair or those double jump fast fall airdodge things I see larry and camaman do any good for that? If I can't get past them I at least want space. I want a gay fox. =)
    6. Rickety
      Aw, Champ, my AIM is being fussy right now. :[

      Let's chat over private message? :]
    7. Kira-
      thanks champ!! you ****!
    8. Atlus8
      805/818 still need housing for Pat's House! Even Pat needs housing for Pat's House!
    9. Rickety
      Hi, Champ! I miss you, too!

      I might be able to bring two full setups, but definitely count me in for at least one. :]

      And I'm still staff, right, just like you promised? <3
    10. East
      After that would you be able to help me out? The project I'm working on requires some in-depth discussion from the community.
    11. East
      Dang, in that case what are you thinking of doing for your next "What I'm thinking about Sheik" Article? I don't have a lot of pull on the Sheik boards, but I'm working on something big.
    12. East
      The information you asked me about in the frame data section, I can definitely have done for you either tomorrow or Sunday. I was wondering if you would be able to help me out a little bit. Do you have any pictures of sheik doing any of her moves?
    13. Sosuke
      Sounds fine. Go ahead.

      I only use TL seriously, but I play random a lot in friendlies and stuff, so I guess I use play everyone from time to time.
    14. Razmakazi
      Teach me Phox stuffz this weekend! I rly wanna try to learn him and maybe start using him vs meta. =O
    15. Razmakazi
      Hey Champ, I think I decided to like legitly pick up Fox just coz he's fun, not for any practical use at all but I was looking at the Fox frame data in the forums and I think the whole usmash oos thing I made a big list on in Peach boards can maybe work for fox too.

      it's just that peach's usmash comes out frame 14 while fox's is frame 8 and his dash should be faster than her's and since I'm gonna start working on my fox I want him to be a better character so...


      maybe these work for him too, maybe not but I'm too lazy to put time into a char I'm not prepared to use in tourney yet. xD
    16. NeverKnowsBest
      That's legit. I applaud you for you placings. SoCal has a lot of good players.
    17. NeverKnowsBest
      Hey Champ, how adamant are you in playing Brawl Fox? Do you have any placings with Fox at tourney?
    18. Zhamy
      Are you down for being interviewed for the Fox Interview Topic after Toronto Joe?
    19. SuSa
      I'm not basing everything off that match. I've had others online. I've played both sides of the matchup as well. It's just that match let me try a bit more. Reaction speed and grab release stuff is hard to do online.
    20. choknater
      ur sig is so amazing
    21. Jenkins
      hey champ, glad to have ya back man
    22. goodkid
      sup man, how do you feel about a defensive Sheik? I like to walk around a lot and just play patient, but then I was playing this guy on wifi and he said I should play sheik more aggressive. It worked somewhat, but I was getting shield-grabbed and punished oos. Idk because I feel Sheik is better defensive and playing safe since she doesn't have a beefy approach like the higher tier characters. I was ****** this guy actually, I won like 90% of the matches, but he has Melee exp and was active in the East Coast melee scene.
    23. sweetxignorance
      Can you PLEASE move Mango Juice to June 20th if it's possible? :(
      I can't go on the 13th.
      I mean if you can't, then it's still cool. (I can still see videos afterward anyway) I just want to attend a big socal tournament for once.
    24. goodkid
      whats up champ, just wanted to say that your sheik is truly impressive. You seem like a very smart player as well so maybe you can help me. I currently use just Zelda solo, & lately I've been thinking that they could work a lot better together, so what do you think is the most important thing to learn for sheik? I just saw the "best of each character vids" & she seems pretty simple, am I rite? Also what does it take to place in the top 8 of big tournies w/ out using high tier characters? Is it just dedication & experience, because I know using Zelda/Sheik, Peach, & others will be harder to place well, but I'm up for the challenge. How do you view mindgames/observation in this game? I know these are a ton of questions, but I'm not lookin for a detailed explanation, just a little something that could help me out would be great :)

      Thanks, goodkid
    25. J4pu
      Champ, what's the best way for Falco to DI out of sheik's Ftilt "lock"?
    26. Noodlehead
      show me ya moves?
    27. TonyGuacamole
      Hey Charoo, are you the Sheik/Falcon user I met at Race's Tourney?
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